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This is a guide on building the Portal furniture from the Valheim game. Read more to find out what you need to build the Portal and how to use it and link it, what to do when you can't teleport, and what to do when portals are not connecting!

How to Build a Portal

Portal ImagePortal
Description Connects another portal with equal or no tag
Crafting Station Workbench
Materials Fine Wood x20
Greydwarf Eye x10
Surtling Core x2

How to Get Required Materials

Item Name How to Get Spawn Code
Chop Birch trees. FineWood
Enemy Drop from Greydwarves. GreydwarfEye
Obtained from Burial Chambers and Surtlings. SurtlingCore

How to Use a Portal

Portal Recipe and How to Get Materials

Unlocking your first portal will come in the early-mid game - from when you have acquired Fine Wood and Surtling Cores. You may already have a handful of Greydwarf Eyes because Greydwarves always plague you in the early game.

Fine Wood can be acquired by chopping down white-trunked Birch trees while Surtling Cores are found in Burial Chambers (in the early-mid game).

Portal Linking Guide

Portal A Portal B

Portals are connected via keywords or tags. To set tags, just press E while your crosshair is pointing at the portal border. Only two portals can be connected and they must have the same tag/keyword.

Also, take note that keywords/tags are case sensitive so if your portals are not connecting and you are sure that the keyword is correct, check your capitalization!

Portals Take Time to Connect

Whenever you input a tag, there is a short 5-second delay (especially for newly registered portals) from when you input the correct code. The portals will glow orange when connected so wait for a bit before you check for mistakes!

Portal Keyword Switching

Connected to GAME8 Connected to BEESAMA
Only one portal is used to connect to both. Just make sure to have a way to change keywords in the home portal!

In the early portion of the game, Surtling Cores may be too valuable to spend on multiple Portals so we suggest using Portal Keyword Switching.

This requires having only one portal at home and multiple portals scattered in the overworld. To make this work, just change the tag on the home portal to whichever portal you want to go to!

Portals Work For Both Sides

Entering from the Back of the Portal

Portals work when you try to enter from either side but you will only exit from the front side. The side with the markings is usually the front of the portal. Take note of this when trying to decorate your base!

Portal Not Working Fixes

An Item Prevents You From Teleporting?

No Metals Allowed!

Item Slot with No Teleport Icon
No Teleportation Allowed

Some materials are not allowed to pass any portal and this will hinder you from entering one. There is a handy icon on the upper right corner of the item slot that shows you if they can't be teleported so keep this in mind!

My Portal is Not Connecting?

The most common mistake that causes portals not connecting is improper capitalization. As mentioned, portal tags are case sensitive so take note of capitalization whenever you use a portal!

Use Map Markers


If you do not want to remember the portal tags or write them on a piece of paper, we suggest using Map Markers on your Map to mark portal locations. These markers can be renamed with the portal tag so you will have a handy reference! With this, we also suggest using a fully capitalized word.

Map Guide: How to Use Map Markers

Is it Possible to Teleport Ores?

Impossible at the Moment

At the moment of writing this guide, it is still not possible to teleport ores no matter what you do. You may be able to do it using mods, but the unmodded game has no possible methods that will allow you to bypass the teleportation restriction.

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