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Valheim - Ocean Biome

This is a guide to the Ocean Biome found in Valheim. Read on to learn what enemies appear in the Ocean Biome, available resources, dungeons, and more!

What are Ocean Biomes?

What are Ocean Biomes
Ocean Biomes are the vast bodies of water between the land masses of Valheim's world. It is recommended that you at least use a Karve when traversing these Serpent-infested waters, since the Raft is not particularly good at sailing through high seas.

The Ocean is also home to Leviathans, extremely large but docile monsters that seem to be uncharted islands at first. The backs of these truly gigantic creatures can be farmed for Chitin using any Pickaxe.

IMPORTANT: Bear in mind that with each strike to Abyssal Barnacles on its back, a Leviathan may start to shake. This signifies that the Leviathan is about to sink into the depths of the ocean. Always keep tabs on your boat's location to avoid drowning in the ocean!

Enemies Found in Oceans

Enemy Drops
Serpent Serpent Trophy
Serpent Meat
Serpent Scale

Ocean Available Resources

Chitin Mined from the back of Leviathans.

Dungeons Found in Oceans

There are currently no available dungeons in the Ocean Biome.

Upcoming Ocean Biome Update

Valheim - Ships and the Sea
The Ocean Biome is expected to receive a major update at the release of Valheim's third update titled Ships and the Sea. Read more about it and Valheim's 2021 roadmap as a whole by clicking the button below:
Roadmap 2021: Full Valheim Update Schedule

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