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This guide is a comprehensive list of all available Hammers in Valheim. Read on to know which Hammers are available in the game and their function!

List of Hammers

Item Name Stats Materials Needed
Iron Sledge ImageIron Sledge ・Blunt: 55
・Block Power: 15
・Parry Force: 50
・Parry Bonus: 2x
・Knockback: 200
・Backstab: 2x
・Movement Bonus: -20%
Ancient Bark x10
Iron x30
Ymir Flesh x4
Stagbreaker ImageStagbreaker ・Blunt: 20
・Pierce: 5
・Block Power: 15
・Parry Force: 50
・Parry Bonus: 2x
・Knockback: 150
・Backstab: 2x
・Movement Bonus: -20%
Core Wood x20
Leather Scraps x2
Deer Trophy x5

How to Use Hammers

Hammers deal huge direct and AOE damage to enemies in exchange for large amounts of stamina. Wielding a hammer into battle requires you not only to balance your stamina but tests your timing as well. Every time you swing with a hammer, you wind up before slamming which leaves you exposed to counterattacks.

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