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Valheim - Plains Biome
This is a guide to the Plains Biome found in Valheim. Read on to learn what enemies appear in the Plains Biome, available resources, dungeons, and more!

What are Plains Biomes?

What are Plains Biomes
The Plains are dangerous biomes that feature large grasslands filled with Fuling Villages. This particular biome is also inhabited by Loxes and the infamous Deathsquito!

It is recommended that you craft and equip Iron Scale Mails, Iron Greaves, Iron Helmets first before venturing into these lands.

Fuling Villages, as the name suggests, are inhabited by Fulings, Fuling Shamans, and Fuling Berserkers.

The Plains are also home to Valheim's fifth boss, Yagluth
Yagluth Boss Guide

Enemies Found in Plains

Enemy Drops
Boar Leather Scraps
Raw Meat
Boar Trophy
Deathsquito Needle
Deathsquito Trophy
Fuling Coins
Black Metal Scrap
Fuling Trophy
Fuling (Archer) Coins
Black Metal Scrap
Fuling Trophy
Fuling Berserker Coins
Black Metal Scrap
Fuling Berserker Trophy
Fuling Totem
Fuling Shaman Coins
Black Metal Scrap
Fuling Shaman Trophy
Lox Lox Pelt
Lox Meat
Lox Trophy
Yagluth Yagluth Thing
Yagluth Trophy

Plains Available Resources

Fine Wood Chop Birch trees.
Resin Enemy Drop from Greydwarves or obtained by chopping trees.
Stone Picked up from the ground or mined from rocks using a pickaxe.
Wood Obtained by chopping trees or from picking up branches on the ground.

Dungeons Found in Plains

There are currently no available dungeons in the Plains Biome.

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