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This is a guide to Burial Chambers, one of the available dungeons in Valheim. Read on to learn general information, possible enemies, available loot, strategy for Burial Chambers, and more!

Burial Chamber Tips and Strategy

Valheim - Burial Chambers
Burial Chambers are underground dungeons that feature long and narrow hallways filled with Skeletons and Ghosts. These monsters are weak to Fire Damage so bringing Fire Arrows and extra Torches into these dangerous places can make your exploration easier!

Burial Chambers are great sources of Trader-related items such as Coins, Ambers, and Rubies. Surtling Cores can be obtained inside as well, allowing you to build a Smelter and Charcoal Kiln for your base early on.

Burial Chamber Location(s)

Entrance A Entrance B

Burial Chambers are located within Black Forest biomes. These particular dungeons can be easily identified by their possible entrances:

  • A small stone structure guarded by Skeletons.
  • A downward flight of stairs guarded by Skeletons.

Burial Chamber: List of Enemies

Enemy Drops
Rancid Remains Bone Fragments
Rancid Remains Trophy
Skeleton Bone Fragments
Skeleton Trophy

Burial Chamber: List of Resources

Amber Obtained from chests, dungeons, and buried treasures.
Amber Pearl Obtained from chests, dungeons, and buried treasures.
Bone Fragments Obtained from Skeletons, Chests, or Bone Piles.
Coins Obtained from chests, dungeons, trolls, and fulings
Feathers Enemy Drop from Birds or obtained from chests.
Ruby Obtained from chests, dungeons, and buried treasures.
Surtling Core Obtained from Burial Chambers and Surtlings.
Yellow Mushroom Can be gathered from dungeons.

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