Wolf Taming: How to Tame And Breed Wolves

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This is a guide to taming and breeding wolves in Valheim. Read on to learn how to tame them, how to breed them, where to find them, and the benefits of doing so!

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Wolf Taming and Breeding Guide

How to Tame Wolves

Lure them into a Pen

Wolf Taming.png
To tame the wolves, you will need to lure them into a pen first. Avoid using a Roundpole fence as it can be broken by wolves easily. Try using Wooden Stakes or even Stone Walls to make sure that the Wolves can't escape so easily.

Feed Them Raw Meat or Sausages

Raw Meat.png
After you have them inside a pen, just toss some Raw Meat and Sausages then stay away from them. After a while, they will calm down, and start eating the dropped meat. Every time they eat, they slowly increase their tamed percentage. At 100%, they are tamed and loyal!

They Follow You Tamed

Following Wolf.png
Once the wolves are tamed, you can make them follow you around or make them stay. You just need to pet them, if they are staying they will follow, and vice-versa. This can make moving them around easy. You can even bring them along with you when hunting if you wish.

How to Breed Wolves

You Can Breed Tamed Wolves

Wolf cubs.png
If you have already tamed a wolf, you can breed them as long as there are two adult wolves. Just continue to feed them and make sure they are happy and they will mate eventually, indicated by pink hearts that appear from them. After a short while, they will give birth to wolf cubs.

Level is Based on One of the Parent Wolves

Wolf Level.png
The level of the cub will be based on one of the parent's levels. If you pair a level 1 and 2 together the resulting cub could be either. If you want to have level 2 cubs born every time you will want to put two level 2 adult wolves together.

Where to Find Wolves

Spawn in the Mountain Biome

Mountain Biome.png
Wolves can be found in the Mountain Biome. They are an aggressive bunch and can spawn in a pack. Because they live in the mountain, you will need items for Cold resistance to help you survive the cold. They can be a tough adversary early on and should be avoided until you have much better equipment.

How to Raise Wolf Cubs

Keep Feeding them Meat

All you will need to do for the wolf cubs to grow up big and strong is to wait! They grow up on their own after a few days so you don't need to watch them or anything. You can't interact with them and will drop no materials when killed.

Keep Them in Pens

Unlike their parents who will follow you when you pet them, wolf cubs will wander around the camp. They can even wander away from your base and into the wilderness.

Benefits of Taming and Breeding

Renewable Source of Materials

Once you have tamed and bred a couple of wolves, you will have a renewable source of wolf materials nearby you. You won't have to go into the mountains and look for them spawned.

Help You in Combat

Wolf Hunting.png
Wolves can help you in combat if you make them follow you. Once you encounter an enemy, the wolves with you will fight by your side!

Tamed Wolf Behaviour

Tamed Wolves will Follow

You can get tamed wolves to follow you by interacting with them after taming them. They will follow you and attack any enemies nearby. They will also be attacked by enemies so watch out. While following you they will continue to eat and breed!

Attacks Nearby Enemies

If they spot an enemy in their line of sight they will try to attack it. If they do not have pathing to that enemy, they will try to destroy any structures in their way. This can do damage to your buildings if you are not careful.

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