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This is a guide to Troll Caves, one of the available dungeons in Valheim. Read on to learn general information, possible enemies, available loot, strategy for Troll Caves, and more!

Troll Cave Tips and Strategy

Valheim - Troll Cave
Troll Caves are single-room dungeons that usually has one Troll guarding an entrance and another guarding treasure inside!

These dungeons are great sources of Trader items such as Coins, Ambers, Amber Pearls, and Rubies.

Deer Hide, Leather Scraps, and Bone Fragments can also be obtained from inside — assuming you can deal with its large inhabitants first!

Prepare for a Fight

Valheim (Dungeons) - Fighting a Troll.png
Troll Cave interiors are small rooms that always have at least one Troll inside. These blue killing machines are extremely weak to Pierce damage. Prepare for the tough fight by bringing Spears, Atgeirs, and Bows with you!

Troll Cave Location(s)

Troll Caves are located in Black Forest biomes and can be distinguished by their rather large entrances made of stone. Always keep an eye out for any Trolls guarding the area!

The Bonepiles in front of these entrances can be harvested for Bone Fragments.

Troll Cave: List of Enemies

Enemy Drops
Troll Troll Hide
Troll Trophy

Troll Cave: List of Resources

Amber Obtained from chests, dungeons, and buried treasures.
Amber Pearl Obtained from chests, dungeons, and buried treasures.
Bone Fragments Enemy Drops from Skeletons.
Coins Obtained from chests, dungeons, trolls, and fulings
Deer Hide Enemy Drop from Deer.
Feathers Enemy Drop from Birds.
Leather Scraps Obtained from Boars or Muddy Scrap Piles in Sunken Crypts.
Yellow Mushroom Can be gathered from dungeons.

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