List of Forsaken Powers

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This is a guide to Forsaken Powers. Read more to find out what Forsaken Powers are and a list of all Forsaken Powers!

What Are Forsaken Powers?

What Are Forsaken Powers
Forsaken Powers are buffs that you can gain by placing Boss trophies on summoning stones. The summoning stones are found where you start in a world.
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They are indicated in the map by a circle surrounded with four stones for each cardinal direction.

You interact with the trophy hook in front of the summoning stone of the boss whose trophy is in your possession, then you'll mount the trophy and get access to their powers.

How To Use Forsaken Powers

Your currently equipped power is located to the left of your health bar. You can press G to activate your currently equipped power.

You will see two timers: the one on your top right is how long the effect will last, the one on your bottom left is how long until you can use the power again.

Forsaken Powers


Valheim Forsaken Power Eikthyr

Effect Your ability to run and jump is improved.
Run stamina usage: -60%
Jump stamina usage: -60%

The first power you get is one of the most useful. It reduces stamina usage for running and jumping, making it easier for you to move around.Useful for dodging bosses, or running to your corpse after death.

Eikthyr's Forsaken Power

The Elder

Valheim Forsaken Power Elder

Effect Faster wood cutting.

The Elder power makes it quicker to cut down trees and chop them into wood. Useful for when you're farming resources to build your home.

The Elder's Forsaken Power


Valheim Forsaken Power Bonemass

Effect Resistance VS physical damage.
Damage modifier: Resistant VS Blunt
Damage modifier: Resistant VS Slash
Damage modifier: Resistant VS Pierce

The Bonemass power is incredibly useful as it makes you resistant to physical damage, which is the damage of most low level enemies. This is best used for being allowing you to tank physical hits. Useful for the next boss, Moder, as she has two high damage physical moves. To read more about them, check our guide about Moder and her moves.

Bonemass' Forsaken Power


Valheim Forsaken Power Moder

Effect Always tailwind while sailing.

Tailwind allows you to sail fast in a boat. This is useful for exploring the seas.

Moder's Forsaken Power


Valheim Forsaken Power Yagluth

Effect Resistance VS magic damage and lightning damage.
Damage modifier: Resistant VS Fire
Damage modifier: Resistant VS Frost
Damage modifier: Resistant VS Lightning

Yagluth's power is similar to Bonemass', except it gives you elemental protection. Useful for elemental enemies, and in the mountains.

Yagluth's Forsaken Power

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Forsaken Powers

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List of Forsaken Powers

Eikthyr The Elder
Bonemass Moder


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