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This is a boss battle guide on how to summon and beat Eikthyr, the first boss of Valheim. Read on to find out what you need to summon Eikthyr, its attack patterns, and how to beat it!

How to Summon Eikthyr

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To summon Eikthyr, find its location on the map. It will be marked when you interact with the red stone in the starting stone circle.

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To summon Eikthyr, gather two Deer Trophies by hunting deer. Once you have that, equip it in your quickselect slots (slots 1-9). Approach the stone slab and press the button that corresponds to the Deer Trophies. The trophies will then be consumed and the ground will shake, and lights will appear, and then the boss fight will begin.

Eikthyr's Attack Patterns

Thunder Bomb

Valheim Eikthyr Boss AoE Move.jpg
Eikthyr raises his front legs and slams them down, causing a large electric explosion. Rolling away twice will get you out of its range.

Lighting Beam

Valheim Eikthyr Boss Line Move.jpg
Eikthyr charges up and fires a beam of lighting in a straight line. Be sure to dodge or step to the side to avoid this.


Valheim Eikthyr Boss Melee Attack.jpg
Eikthyr goes up to you and gores you with his antlers. Simply block with a shield or roll away from his attack.

Eikthyr Boss Strategy

Attack From Behind

Eikthyr doesn't have a fast turn speed, so make sure to get behind him and punish him for it. Additionally, having a ranged weapon such as a bow is a big help!

Use The Rocks for Cover

Since Eikthyr starts in an area with a circle rock formation, feel free to use those rocks as cover from his attacks.

Practice Defending and Rolling

This is the first enemy you will need to use defense against. Be sure to use your blocks if you have a shield, and roll out of the way of his attacks. It should be easy since his attacks are telegraphed.

Eikthyr Rewards

Eikthyr Drops

Item Drop Rate Amount
Eikthyr Trophy 100% 1
Hard Antlers 100% 3

Eikthyr Forsaken Power

After defeating Eikthyr, an Eikthyr Trophy should drop. Take it to Eikthry's Forsaken Alter, which is found where you first spawn in the world. Hanging the trophy on the chain of the alter will grant you Eikthyrs Forsaken Power. Press F (default keybind), to activate your equipped Forsaken Power. With Eikthyr's power, you will be granted a 60% reduction for running and jumping for 5 minutes. After activated it has a cooldown of 20 minutes.

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