How to Get The Wolf Armor Set

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This is a guide to the Wolf Armor Set in Valheim. Learn how to craft the Wolf Armor set pieces, as well as Wolf Armor special skills!

Wolf Armor Set Basic Information

Wolf Armor Set Pieces

Wolf Armor Preview
Wolf Fur Cape
Wolf Fur Cape ImageWolf Fur Cape Crafting Station Level Materials Needed
Workbench (Lv. 2) Silver x4
Wolf Pelt x6
Wolf Trophy x1
・Armor: 1
・Durability: 1000
Wolf Armor Chest
Wolf Armor Chest ImageWolf Armor Chest Crafting Station Level Materials Needed
Forge (Lv. 2) Silver x20
Wolf Pelt x5
Chain x1
・Armor: 20
・Movement: -5%
・Durability: 1000
Drake Helmet
Drake Helmet ImageDrake Helmet Crafting Station Level Materials Needed
Forge (Lv. 1) Silver x20
Wolf Pelt x2
Drake Trophy x1
・Armor: 20
・Durability: 1000
Wolf Armor Legs
Wolf Armor Legs ImageWolf Armor Legs Crafting Station Level Materials Needed
Forge (Lv. 2) Silver x20
Wolf Fang x4
Wolf Pelt x5
・Armor: 20
・Movement: -5%
・Durability: 1000

Wolf Armor Set Special Skill

Item Name Damage Modifier
Wolf Fur Cape ImageWolf Fur Cape Resistance VS Frost
Wolf Armor Chest ImageWolf Armor Chest Resistance VS Frost
Drake Helmet ImageDrake Helmet N/A
Wolf Armor Legs ImageWolf Armor Legs N/A

Wolf Fur Cape vs. Lox Cape

At this stage of the game, you may have encountered two capes that have almost identical stats: the Wolf Fur Cape and the Lox Cape.

Both of these armors have the same skill: Resistance VS Frost which is very helpful when you are in the Mountains. They also have the same defense rating!

Which Should I Choose?

Since the main purpose of using these capes is resisting the frigid cold Mountain biome, we suggest just sticking with the Wolf Fur Cape.

Lox Cape Needs Lox Pelts

Lox Pelt, which is the main material for the Lox Cape, can only be found by killing Lox in the Plains, and by that time, you may as well have moved on from exploring the Mountains biome. Out of sheer necessity, you should forego using the Lox Cape and just use the Wolf Fur Cape.

Wolf Fur Cape is Easier to Craft

At this point, you should have a lot of wolf materials like Wolf Trophies and Wolf Pelts lying around in your base. This makes the Wolf Fur Cape easier to craft than the Lox Cape. Waiting for the Plains to craft the Lox Cape is just not worth it.

Wolf Cape Has Better Durability At Level 4

Wolf Fur Cape also has better durability at max Level 4. This further cements the superiority of the Wolf Fur Cape over the Lox Cape.

How to Craft the Wolf Armor Set

Obtain Wolf Pelts

Wolf Pelts are obtained by slaying Wolves in the Mountain biome. These are dangerous creatures so approach with caution!

The Mountain biome is also in a state of permafrost so bring a Frost Resist Mead to mitigate the cold!

Craft and Upgrade Your Forge and Workbenches

The Wolf Armor is an endgame armor set so it needs the upgraded versions of the Forge and the Workbench!

Workbench and Forge Guides
How to Build and Upgrade the WorkbenchWorkbench How to Build the Forge BannerForge

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