Yagluth Boss Guide: How to Summon and Beat the Final Boss

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Boss Guide How to Summon and Beat Yagluth.jpg

This is a boss battle guide on how to summon and beat Yagluth, the final boss of Valheim. Read on to find out what you need to summon Yagluth, its attack patterns, and how to beat it!

Yagluth General Info

Valheim Yagluth.png
Behavior Hostile
Health 10000
Damage ・100~130 Blue Fire Explosion
・40 Meteor Rain
・30-50 Fire Breath
Resistance ・Pierce
Tameable? No
Enemy Spawn Code GoblinKing

Yagluth's Location

Activate Yagluth's Vegvisir

Yagluths Vegvisirs are typically found near Fuling Outposts or large stone monoliths within Plains biomes.

Find the Stonehenge Altar

Altar from afar

Altar up close

There is an altar in the Plains biome with stone fingers reaching out into the sky. This is where you can find the altar used to summon Yagluth.

How to Summon Yagluth

Sacrifice Five Fuling Totems

Valheim Yagluth How to Summon Fuling Totems.jpg

Hint "And his dying soul was split and shared among all his kin."

Place five Fuling Totems on the five bowls behind the red runestone.
Valheim Yagluth Fuling Totems
You can find Fuling Totems in Fuling camps or dropped by Fuling Berserkers.

How to Prepare for Yagluth's Fight

Stock Up On Good Mead

Valheim Yagluth Boss Guide Stock Up On Food and Potions.jpg
As with any boss, it's a good idea to stock up on potions before the fight. Not only should you have Healing Mead by now, but you should also have Stamina Mead as you'll be doing a lot of running.

Bring Fire Resistance Barley Wine

Valheim Yagluth Bring Barley Wine
All of Yagluth's attacks are fire based, so it's essential to bring Fire Resistance Barley Wine to avoid burning to death.

Build a Nearby Portal or Base

Valheim (Yagluth) - Build a Base.png
The Plains are dangerous biomes where Fulings and Deathsquitos can ambush you throughout the fight against Yagluth. Making a base with a campfire, bed, and portal nearby will help you jump back into the fray quickly!

It is important to note that you can build upon existing structures in the world, so consider making a base on cleared out Fuling Outposts or Villages to make the task easier.

In the event of an untimely death, running back to your body naked is going to be tough as one hit from Yagluth or any other Plains enemy will kill you. Make sure you have extra food in your forward base at least!

Use Silver or Frost Weapons

Frostner ImageFrostner Silver Sword ImageSilver Sword

Yagluth isn't necessarily weak against any damage type, but he is susceptible to silver damage — This makes Frostner and Silver Swords extremely useful weapons against Yagluth! Frost and Silver Arrows are the best ones to stock up for against it as well.

Ideal Food Combination

By this point, you should have access to the current best food combination in the game:

Item Name How to Get
Can be cooked from the Cauldron with the right ingredients.
Can be cooked from the Cauldron with the right ingredients.
Can be cooked from the Cauldron with the right ingredients.

Yagluth's Attack Patterns

Meteor Rain

Valheim (Yagluth) - Meteor Rain.gif
Yagluth raises his fist up to the sky and holds it there, and meteors will come crashing down from the sky behind him. The meteors will fall on players positions and the only way to avoid it is to run or dodge.

It is important to note that meteors can fall on multiple players at random.

Fire Breath

Valheim (Yagluth) - Fire Breath.gif
Yagluth opens his mouth and shoots a red long reaching beam with a straight hitbox.

Take note that unlike Moder's frost beam, this one tracks you over a period of time so you'll have to keep running.

Blue Fire Explosion

Valheim (Yagluth) - Blue Fire Explosion.gif
Yagluth raises his fist up and blue light emits from it, then when he slams it down it causes a blue area of effect explosion around him. The explosion engulfs the impact radius in blue flame for a brief amount of time.

Yagluth Boss Strategy

Watch Out for Enemies

Valheim (Yagluth) - Extra enemies.gif
Always keep an eye out for Fulings and Deathsquitos! These monsters can enter the fight from out of nowhere and make the fight harder.

Fuling Patrols, in particular, tend to do their rounds at night. Try kiting them around the large stones surrounding Yagluth's summoning altar.

Attacks via Frostner and Frost Arrows will slow them down, allowing you to take them out one by one. The Iron Sledge is a great weapon for dealing AoE damage against these patrols — Consider making one if you haven't already!

Use the Giant Stones

Valheim (Yagluth) - Use the Giant Rocks.png
The Giant Stones that surround Yagluth's summoning altar are great sources of cover against two of Yagluth's attacks (Meteor Rain and Fire Beam), and can be used to kite other enemies that join the fight. Take advantage of these as much as possible!

Dodge Through Yagluth's Blue Fire Explosion

Valheim (Yagluth) - Dodging Blue Fire Explosion.gif
The bulk of Yagluth's Blue Fire Explosion attack is dealt through the explosion itself. You can dodge through this to land three or four attacks for free!

The damage from the blue flames after the explosion is negligible as long as you have Fire Resistance Barley Wine.

Use Eikthyr's Forsaken Power

Valheim Forsaken Power Eikthyr
Stamina is your most important resource in this fight. Use Eikthyr's Forsaken Power to reduce stamina consumption when running and jumping by 60% for 5 minutes when activated.
Eikthyr's Forsaken Power

Yagluth Rewards

Yagluth Drops

Item Qty. Drop Rate
Yagluth Thing Icon Yagluth Thing Level 1: 3 Level 1: 100%
Yagluth Trophy Icon Yagluth Trophy Level 1: 1 Level 1: 100%

Yagluth Forsaken Powers

After beating Yagluth, the Yagluth Trophy item should drop. Taking it to the Forsaken Altar and hanging the trophy will grant you access to Yagluth's Forsaken Power. Equipping it and activating it will make it so that you will have increased damage resistance to elemental damage. This is useful for going up the mountain or for fighting elemental enemies!

List of Forsaken Powers

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