Hearth and Home Release Date and Update Info

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A new update is available for Valheim! See the patch notes below.

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This is an article about Hearth and Home, the first of four major updates for Valheim in 2021. If you want to know about what it includes as well as when it will be released, read on!

This is a developing page for Valheim's first update, Hearth and Home. As soon as more content is confirmed, we will update this article immediately!

Hearth and Home Release Date

No Release Date Yet

Release Date TBD

As of writing, Iron Gate Studios has not announced any release date for their first update, Hearth and Home.

Though that is the case, we expect this update to drop sometime in April 2021. This is almost 2 months after release which gives Iron Gate ample window to roll it out.

We will update this page as soon as new information is released because we are as excited as you are!

Hearth and Home Update Information

Overall Updates to Base Building

If we consider the naming of this update, we think this will focus more on overall base building in the game. Although the game's building options are already diverse, we expect Iron Gate to add some more details for your Viking homestead. Add options to put windows maybe?

Updates To Cooking

Hearth and Home Release Date and Update Info - Updates to Cooking

The Hearth part of the title makes us speculate that this update will touch more on cooking. As of writing, there are only two ways to cook in Valheim - using a Cooking station and Cauldron. Maybe they will add more cooking options for us like baking so we don't have to cook our Bread using a Cauldron anymore!

Possible Farming Updates

Hearth and Home Release Date and Update Info - Possible Farming Updates

Another food-related update we see happening is an improvement in farming. There are only two crops we can plant at the moment - Carrots and Turnips. We think Iron Gate will expand the current roster of crops to include foraged plants like Blueberries and Raspberries!

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