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This is a guide to building fire indoors. If you're wondering how to establish a campfire indoors and how to make a chimney, and why you can't build on your floor, read more to find out why!

How To Build Fire Indoors Early Game

Building a Fire

Valheim How to Build Fire Indoors.jpg

Notice how there's no wood floor underneath the fire.

When you're in early game, you can only build campfires. The catch is, campfires can only be built on the ground, so the key is to remove the flooring of a house and build a campfire on the ground under. This method also applpies for bonfires.

How To Build Fire Indoors Mid to Late Game

Hearths can be built on flooring, but you will only have access to it after building a stonecutter, so it can only be accessed mid to late game.

They are particularly useful in buildings with a second floor, or on building in the swamps, since a lot of ground has water.

Building A Chimney

Once you build a fire, smoke will rise from the fire. If indoors in a roofed area, and if the air is too smoky, you'll get the notification that you cannot breathe in the smoke and you will take damage. In order to prevent this, you'll need a chimney. You can build a hole above the fire but if it rains, the fire will go out.
Valheim How to Build Fire Indoors Chimney.jpg
To build a chimney that will let out smoke while protecting the fire, build walls around the roof opening, then build on top of that two or three walls (as long as there is a hole for the smoke to go out of), then put a roof atop it.

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