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Valheim - Frostner vs Silver Sword Guide.png
The Frostner and Silver Sword are two of the best weapons in Valheim that require a hefty amount of materials to craft. Read on to learn general information on each weapon and which one you should prioritize making first!


Valheim - Frostner.png
The Frostner earned its spot as one of the best weapons in the game by currently being the only weapon to have three damage types (Blunt, Frost, and Spirit) at the same time.

This particular damage type combo is extremely effective against most of the enemies in Valheim, making the Frostner an all-purpose juggernaut alongside the Blackmetal Sword and Porcupine.

Name Frostner ImageFrostner
Weapon Type Mace
Description The dead fear silver. Remind them why.
Associated Skill/s Clubs
Crafting Station Forge (Lv. 3)
# Hands One-handed
Weight 2
Durability Level 1: 200
Level 2: 250
Level 3: 300
Level 4: 350
Blunt Level 1: 35
Level 2: 35
Level 3: 35
Level 4: 35
Frost Level 1: 40
Level 2: 46
Level 3: 52
Level 4: 58
Spirit Level 1: 20
Level 2: 20
Level 3: 20
Level 4: 20
Block Power Level 1: 10
Level 2: 10
Level 3: 10
Level 4: 10
Parry Force Level 1: 30
Level 2: 35
Level 3: 40
Level 4: 45
Parry Bonus 2x
Knockback 120
Backstab 3x
Movement Speed -5%
Item Spawn Code MaceSilver

Silver Sword

Valheim - Silver Sword.png
The Silver Sword is currently the second best sword in the game — Surpassed only by the Blackmetal Sword. Its high slash damage and access to the sword's special attack make it a great weapon against most enemies in Valheim.

What sets it apart from the rest of the swords, however, is its inherent spirit damage. This makes the Silver Sword one of the best weapons against undead type monsters such as Skeletons, Draugrs, and Fenrings.

Name Silver Sword ImageSilver Sword
Weapon Type Sword
Description Purest of metals, nothing unclean can abide its touch.
Associated Skill/s Swords
Crafting Station Forge (Lv. 3)
# Hands One-handed
Weight 1
Durability Level 1: 200
Level 2: 250
Level 3: 300
Level 4: 350
Slash Level 1: 75
Level 2: 81
Level 3: 87
Level 4: 93
Spirit Level 1: 30
Level 2: 35
Level 3: 40
Level 4: 45
Block Power Level 1: 10
Level 2: 10
Level 3: 10
Level 4: 10
Parry Force Level 1: 20
Level 2: 25
Level 3: 30
Level 4: 35
Parry Bonus 2x
Knockback 40
Backstab 3x
Movement Speed -5%
Item Spawn Code SwordSilver

Frostner vs. Silver Sword: Which is better?

Valheim - Frostner vs Silver Sword.png
The Frostner is the clear winner in this specific weapon match up simply because it is better than the Silver Sword in almost every way. We've broken down all of the key factors that lead to this conclusion — Read on to know more!

The Frostner is more efficient to craft

Item Name Stats Materials Needed
Frostner ImageFrostner ・Blunt: 35
・Frost: 40
・Spirit: 20
・Block Power: 10
・Parry Force: 30
・Parry Bonus: 2x
・Knockback: 120
・Backstab: 3x
・Movement Bonus: -5%
Ancient Bark x10
Silver x30
Ymir Flesh x5
Silver Sword ImageSilver Sword ・Slash: 75
・Spirit: 30
・Block Power: 10
・Parry Force: 20
・Parry Bonus: 2x
・Knockback: 40
・Backstab: 3x
・Movement Bonus: -5%
Iron x5
Leather Scraps x3
Silver x40
Wood x2

Both items require a hefty amount of Silver. The Frostner edges out the Silver Sword in this aspect by requiring 10 less Silver to craft.

This seemingly small difference can potentially save you an extra trip or two up Mountain biomes. Alternatively, this difference may even allow you to invest that extra Silver into other items such as the Wolf Armor Set or Draugr Fang instead.

The Frostner Performs Better in the Plains

Valheim - Frostner in the Plains.png
In Valheim's current state, the Plains biomes are considered to be the high-level or even endgame zones due to being inhabited by some of the strongest monsters in the game such as Fuling Berserkers, Shamans, and Deathsquitos. With this in mind, we decided to compare the Frostner and Silver Sword within the Plains.

The Frostner beats the Silver Sword in this regard as well. Its inherent Frost Damage slows enemies down with each strike, allowing you to dictate the pace of the fight.

The Silver Sword only offers straight-up slash damage in this particular biome — and while it does perform well against Fulings and other creatures of the Plains, its damage is easily outmatched by another weapon of the same type, the Blackmetal Sword.

The Frostner is Better Against Yagluth

Valheim Last Boss
Since we were already testing in the plains, we decided to test these two weapons against Yagluth as well! Once again, the Frostner came out on top against Valheim's fifth and currently final boss.

The Frostner's combination of damage types (Blunt, Frost, and Spirit) make it an excellent weapon against Yagluth. And while the Silver Sword's special attack can potentially outperform Frostner's, the latter proved to be more consistent in terms of overall DPS against this particular boss.

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