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This is a page about the Blocking skill in Valheim. Read on to learn the skill's effects and how to level it up.

Blocking Effects

Increases how much damage can be absorbed when blocking with a shield or weapon.

Associated Weapons

Weapon Stats
Banded Shield ImageBanded Shield
・Block Power: 60
・Parry Force: 40
・Parry Bonus: 1.5x
・Movement Bonus: -5%
Black Metal Shield ImageBlack Metal Shield
・Block Power: 90
・Parry Force: 50
・Parry Bonus: 1.5x
・Movement Bonus: -5%
Black Metal Tower Shield ImageBlack Metal Tower Shield
・Block Power: 105
・Movement Bonus: -20%
Bronze Buckler ImageBronze Buckler
・Block Power: 45
・Parry Force: 30
・Parry Bonus: 2x
Iron Shield ImageIron Shield
・Block Power: 90
・Parry Force: 50
・Parry Bonus: 1.5x
・Movement Bonus: -5%
Iron Tower Shield ImageIron Tower Shield
・Block Power: 75
・Movement Bonus: -20%
Knight Shield ImageKnight Shield
・Block Power: 120
・Parry Force: 40
・Parry Bonus: 1.5x
・Movement Bonus: -5%
Serpent Scale Shield ImageSerpent Scale Shield
・Block Power: 90
・Movement Bonus: -10%
Silver Shield ImageSilver Shield
・Block Power: 75
・Parry Force: 40
・Parry Bonus: 1.5x
・Movement Bonus: -5%
Wood Shield ImageWood Shield
・Block Power: 20
・Parry Force: 20
・Parry Bonus: 1.5x
・Movement Bonus: -5%
Wood Tower Shield ImageWood Tower Shield
・Block Power: 35
・Movement Bonus: -20%

How to Level Up Blocking

You gain experience every time you block damage. The experience is doubled during a parry.

Check out our skill leveling guide for tips and tricks to grind your skills to the max level!
Skill Leveling Guide

Should You Level Up Blocking?

Leveling Blocking is Recommended

There are two ways to avoid or decrease damage in Valheim, that is rolling and blocking. While rolling will allow you to completely avoid the incoming damage, blocking has the parrying mechanic, which will allow you to counter with more damage. Having higher block will help you parry more damage and stun the enemy!

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