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This is a list of Trophies in the game Valheim.

List of Trophies

Item Name How to Get Spawn Code
Enemy Drops from Blobs. TrophyBlob
Enemy Drop from Boars. TrophyBoar
Obtained by slaying Bonemass. TrophyBonemass
Obtained from Deathsquitos. TrophyDeathsquito
Enemy Drop from Deer. TrophyDeer
Enemy Drop from Drakes. TrophyHatchling
Enemy Drop from Draugr Elites. TrophyDraugrElite
Enemy Drops from Draugrs. TrophyDraugr or TrophyDraugrFem
Obtained by slaying Eikthyr. TrophyEikthyr
Enemy Drop from Fenrings. TrophyFenring
Enemy Drop from Fuling Berserkers. TrophyGoblinBrute
Enemy Drop from Fuling Shamans. TrophyGoblinShaman
Enemy Drop from Fulings. TrophyGoblin
Enemy Drop from Greydwarf Brute. TrophyGreydwarfBrute
Enemy Drop from Greydwarf Shaman. TrophyGreydwarfShaman
Enemy Drop from Greydwarves. TrophyGreydwarf
Enemy Drop from Leeches. TrophyLeech
Enemy Drop from Loxes. TrophyLox
Obtained by slaying Moder. TrophyDragonQueen
Enemy Drop from Necks. TrophyNeck
Enemy Drop from Rancid Remains in Dungeons. TrophySkeletonPoison
Enemy Drop from Serpents. TrophySerpent
Enemy Drop from Skeletons in Dungeons. TrophySkeleton
Enemy Drop from Stone Golems. TrophySGolem
Enemy Drop from Surtlings. TrophySurtling
Obtained by slaying The Elder. TrophyTheElder
Enemy Drop from Trolls. TrophyForestTroll or TrophyFrostTroll
Enemy Drop from Wolves. TrophyWolf
Enemy Drop from Wraiths. TrophyWraith
Obtained by slaying Yagluth. TrophyGoblinKing

How to Use Trophies

Used as House Decorations

Valheim Trophy as House Display
All the trophies in Valheim can be mounted on the walls using Item Stands. To do this, assign the trophies to any of the numbered slot in your inventory, point to the Item Stand until a text appears, then press the corresponding number your trophy is assigned to!

Take note, you may also mount boss trophies for the ultimate flex!

Used in Crafting

Valheim Trophies Used for Crafting

Some trophies in Valheim are used as crafting ingredients while some cannot. It is recommended that you have atleast several trophies for every enemy even if they are not crafting ingredients! Valheim is an Early Access game, so they might be useful in a future update!

Return Boss Trophies to the Summoning Circle

Valheim Return Boss Trophies to Summoning Altar

Boss Trophies should be returned and hung on the corresponding stones surrounding the Summoning Circle. This will enable you to acquire the Forsaken Power of that boss!

Best Forsaken Power: Which Forsaken Power to Equip?

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