Best Weapon Types

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Best Weapon Types
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This is the a guide on the best weapon type in Valheim. Read on more to find out what each of the weapon types do and which of them is the best!

What Is the Best Weapon Type?


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As far as raw damage goes, the sword and axe do roughly the same damage. However, the sword has a faster speed, so technically has a higher DPS than an axe, so sword takes the crown as the best weapon type.

Take note that sword costs more stamina, because though the axe costs more stamina per hit, the sword attacks faster, thus expends stamina at a more rapid rate.

It's important to realize that while in terms of raw DPS, Sword beats out all the others, each enemy has weaknesses to different types of damage and some weapons may be more useful than the sword depending on the situation.

Weapon Types Tier List

S Rank Icon Swords
A Rank Icon Axes, Bows, Hammers, Atgeirs
B Rank Icon Spears, Maces
C Rank Icon Knives

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Swords 71
Knives 14
Axe 23
Spears 14
Maces 90
Bows 25
Hammers 4

What Does Each Weapon Type Do?


Valheim Sword.jpg

Swords are the second fastest weapons in the game, behind knives. They do slashing damage and tend to have the higher damages than the other types, though they can be equal to axes. As stated above, they do have a higher DPS than axes though due to their speed.

All in all. swords deal the best raw DPS.


Valheim Knife.jpg
Knives are the fastest weapons in the game, despite having low damage. They do slashing damage as well similar to swords and axes, but they can also do a secondary piercing jump attack.

They have a higher parry bonus than swords and no movement penalty, and their biggest strength is their high backstab multiplier.


Valheim Axe.png

The Axe is the first weapon type you get, and is arguably the basic weapon for the game. They do high slashing damage, but they cost more stamina per hit than the sword and are slower.

While not able to match the sword in raw DPS, they are effective against trees, Greydwarfs, and the Elder.


Valheim Spear.jpg

Spears are the the main dealers of piercing damage. They don't have a long reach like you would expect, but they do deal decent damage at a decent speed for low stamina cost.

It's effective against trolls, and when you have the Abyssmal Harpoon, it's one of the few ways of dealing with Sea Serpents.


Valheim Mace.jpg

Maces are one the first dealers of blunt damage you will get access to. They deal a deal a decent amount of damage but cost more stamina per hit than a sword or an axe, and they hit at around the same speed as an axe.

Maces are most effective against skeletons and The Bonemass.


Valheim Bow.jpg
Bows are the only ranged option in Valheim, meaning they fill a certain niche no other weapon can fill. They are by far the safest weapons to use because you remain at a range when attacking. They deal piercing damage and their damage can increase or have effects depending on the kinds of arrows you use.

Bows are best at killing enemies from afar and defeating trolls.


Valheim Hammer.jpg

This weapon is slow and each hit costs almost a bar of stamina, but it deals damage within a large radius. It also deals blunt damage, good for skeletons and the Bonemass.

This weapon really shines in dealing with crowds of enemies.

Best Hammer


Valheim Atgeir.jpg
Atgeirs are two-handed polearms that deal piercing damage. Their damage is piercing, which is effective against trolls and poking enemies from afar.

While they cost more stamina than spears, they also deal more damage, have a bigger parry force, and have longer range than spears.

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3 Anonymousover 2 years

dude... you've got Maces and Swords mixed up on your tier list. Maces are THE best weapon in the game as more mobs are resistant to slash (sword) than blunt( mace). More mobs are weaker to the mace than the sword Also, Bowes are GOD tier. Everything can be kited in this game. Did you even play it?

2 Ofghanirreover 3 years

thanks for this article! Realy helpful !


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