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This is a guide to the Invisible Dancer v5, a weapon equipped by Kagero in Scarlet Nexus for the Playstation, XBOX, and Steam. Read on to know about Invisible Dancer v5's cost, stats, description, and how to get it!

Invisible Dancer v5 Stats and Description

Invisible Dancer v5
Type Equipped By
Invisible Dancer v5Battle Knife Kagero Donne Thumbnail.pngKagero Donne
Stats Buying Price Selling Price
Attack 53 - 450
This knife's steel blade is replaced with a harder material, increasing its sharpness significantly. It took a long time to develop this weapon with a proper balance between durability and hardness due to the brittleness that accompanies hard objects.

How to Get Invisible Dancer v5

Can be Acquired Through Exchange

Invisible Dancer v5 can be acquired through Material Exchange with the following materials in Satori the Archivist's Shop:

Material Quantity
Battle Record ABattle Record A 3x
Paws-type Suppression +Paws-type Suppression + 2x
Invisible Dancer v4 +Invisible Dancer v4 + 1x

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