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Brigitte is a Support hero in Overwatch 2. Read on to learn more about Brigitte, their weapons and abilities, their patch notes history, their backstory, and more!

Brigitte Latest Buffs and Nerfs

September 21, 2022 Dev Blog #5 Patch Notes

Brigitte Patch Notes (September 21, 2022)
・Duration Reduced from 6 seconds to 5 seconds

Shield Bash

May 5 2022 ・Knockback has been doubled.
April 26 2022 ・No longer stuns enemies.
・Cooldown has been reduced from 7 seconds to 5 seconds.
・Movement has been increased significantly in the latest patch.
・Not stopped by barriers.
・Damage dealt has been significantly increased from 1 to 50
・Shield Bash triggers Inspire.

Brigitte Hero Profile

Basic Information

Overwatch 2 - BrigitteBrigitte
Role: Support Hero Icon Support
Ranking: A Rank Icon
Total HP: 200
・150 (Base Health)
・50 (Base Shields/Armor)

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Other Info

Name Brigitte Lindholm
VA Matilda Smedius
Age 23
Nationality Swedish
Affiliation Overwatch

Brigitte Weapons and Abilities

Brigitte Main Weapon

Rocket FlailRocket Flail Primary Fire
Damage: 35
Description: Melee weapon with extended range.
Secondary Fire
Shield: 250
Description: Deploy a frontal energy barrier.

Brigitte Abilities

Repair PackRepair Pack Type: Ability
Cooldown: 6 secs
Duration: 2 secs
Heal: 110
Effect: Heals an ally for a short duration.
Whip ShotWhip Shot Type: Ability
Cooldown: 4 secs
Damage: 70
Effect: Launch your flail forward to knock an enemy away from you.
Shield BashShield Bash Type: Ability
Cooldown: 5 secs
Duration: 2 secs
Damage: 5
Effect: Available when Barrier Shield is deployed. Dash forward to knock back an enemy.
InspireInspire Type: Passive
Duration: 5 secs
Heal: 90 per hit
Effect: Dealing damage to enemies heals nearby allies.
RallyRally Type: Ultimate
Duration: 10 secs
Effect: Move faster and provide extra health to nearby allies.
Role: SupportRole: Support Type: Passive
Effect: Automatically heal over time.

Brigitte Story

Daughter of Torbjörn

Brigitte Story 1 Overwatch 2
Brigitte is the eldest and most mechanically inclined of Torbjörn's children. He helped her grow her skills into what it is today, though she shifted her focus on defense rather than offense like her father.

Squire to Reinhardt

Brigitte Story 2 Overwatch 2
She began her Overwatch journey following the steps of Reinhardt, becoming his squire to help him bring justice to the world just like he and her father did in the stories they told her.

After serving as his mechanic, she realized that she could do more at his side and so she trained and built. Now she has taken up arms to be the shield of her team and to fight for what is right!

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