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Reinhardt is a Tank hero in Overwatch 2. Read on to learn more about Reinhardt, their weapons and abilities, their patch notes history, their backstory, and more!

Reinhardt Latest Buffs and Nerfs

April 26, 2022 Patch Notes

Reinhardt Patch Notes (April 26, 2022)
Barrier FieldBarrier Field
・Barrier health reduced from 1,600 to 1,200.
・Health Regen rate was nerfed from 200 health per second to 144 health per second.
・Charge Ability can be cancelled.
・Turning Rate increased by 50%
・Wall impact damage is reduced from 300 to 225.
・Cooldown shortened from 20 seconds to 8 seconds.
Fire StrikeFire Strike
・Now has 2 charges.
・Damage reduced from 100 to 90.

Reinhardt Hero Profile

Basic Information

Overwatch 2 - ReinhardtReinhardt
Role: Tank Hero Icon Tank
Ranking: S Rank Icon
Total HP: 650
・350 (Base Health)
・300 (Base Shields/Armor)

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Other Info

Name Reinhardt
VA Darin De Paul
Age 61
Nationality German
Affiliation German Armed Forces (formerly), Crusaders (formerly), Overwatch

Reinhardt Weapons and Abilities

Reinhardt Main Weapon

Rocket HammerRocket Hammer
Damage: 85
Description: Devastating melee weapon.

Reinhardt Abilities

ChargeCharge Type: Ability
Cooldown: 8 secs
Damage: 300
Effect: Charge forward and smash an enemy against a wall.
Fire StrikeFire Strike Type: Ability
Cooldown: 6 secs
Damage: 90
Effect: Launch a fiery projectile.
Barrier FieldBarrier Field Type: Ability
Shield: 1200
Effect: Hold Right Click to deploy a frontal energy barrier.
EarthshatterEarthshatter Type: Ultimate
Damage: 250 (within 1.75m of impact area), 50 (outside of impact area)
Effect: Knock down all enemies in front of you.
Role: TankRole: Tank Type: Passive
Effect: Reduces knockbacks received. Less ultimate generated by healing and damage received.

Reinhardt Story

Omnic Crisis

Reinhardt Story  Overwatch 2
Reinhardt is one of the original members of Overwatch, recruited for his exploits with the German army. Originally his membership was for his master, who passed it on to Reinhardt after sacrificing himself to let the Germany army retreat.

Time in Overwatch

Reinhardt was one of the pillars of the original Overwatch team. He was respected by friends and foes alike, even forging a life-long friendship with Torbjörn. At age 50, he had to eventually retire from duty and was forced to watch Overwatch come apart from the sidelines.

Mentoring Brigitte

Reinhardt Story  2 Overwatch 2
With the world plunging into chaos each day, Reinhardt took upon himself to set things straight, little by little. Along with Brigitte, his squire and Torbjörn daughter, by his side, they travel the world resolving insidents wherever they may be.

Overwatch Recall

When Winston launched the Overwatch Recall system, Reinhardt was hesitant at first. However, during the new Overwatch's first battle in Paris, he alongside Birgitte helped at the last minute.

He then made the decision to stay with the team.

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