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This is a list of Dungeons found in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for Nintendo Switch. Find out what Bosses and Strong Foes are found in each Dungeon, and for strategic information on how to clear them.

List of Dungeons

Main Story Dungeons

Trailer - Thunderwave Cave

Dungeon # of Floors Boss Strong Foe
Tiny Woods 3
Thunderwave Cave 5
Mt. Steel 9
Skarmory Image
Rapidash Image
Sinister Woods 13
Ekans Image Gengar Image Medicham Image
Ampharos Image
Silent Chasm 10
Metagross Image
Mt. Thunder 13
Zapdos Image
Dragonite Image
Great Canyon 12
Ambipom Image
Lapis Cave 14
Noctowl Image
Mt. Blaze 15
Moltres Image
Azumarill Image
Frosty Forest 14
Articuno Image
Spinda Image
Mt. Freeze 19
Lickilicky Image
Uproar Forest 10
Mankey Image Mankey Image Mankey Image
Magma Cavern 26
Groudon Image
Sky Tower 34
Rayquaza  Image

Optional Dungeons

Trailer - Marvelous Sea

Dungeon # of Floors Boss Strong Foe
Oddity Cave 15
Rock Path 4
Snow Path 4
Illusory Grotto 9

Post-Game Dungeons

Temporary Dungeon Image

Dungeon # of Floors Boss Strong Foe
Howling Forest 15
Butterfree Image
Stormy Sea 40
Kyogre Image
Buried Relic 99
Regirock Image Regice Image Registeel Image
Northern Range 25
Latios Image
Ninetales Image
Pitfall Valley 25
Latias Image
Exeggutor Image
Silver Trench 99
Lugia Image
Meteor Cave 20
Deoxys Image
Fiery Field 30
Entei Image
Lightning Field 30
Raikou Image
Northwind Field 30
Suicune Image
Mt. Faraway 40
Ho-Oh Image
Electrode Image
Western Cave 99
Mewtwo Image
Zangoose Image
Wish Cave 99
Jirachi Image
Murky Cave 20
Hoothoot Image
Solar Cave 20
Aipom Image
Waterfall Pond 19
Gyarados Image
Joyous Tower 99
Purity Forest 99
Celebi Image
Fantasy Strait 30
Altaria Image
Marvelous Sea 20
Magikarp Image
Remains Island 20
Espeon Image
Darknight Relic 15
Wobbuffet Image
Desert Region 20
Sudowoodo Image
Grand Sea 30
Starmie Image
Southern Cavern 50
Shuckle Image
Unown Relic 11
Wyvern Hill 30
Exeggcute Image
Far-off Sea 75
Corsola Image

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