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List of Rare Qualities

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This is a list of Rare Qualities appearing in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for the Nintendo Switch. Read on for information on each Rare Quality and its Effect!

List of Abilities

Rare Quality Effect
Bargain Items can be bought at a lower price from shops in dungeons.
Blast Control Damage your team takes from explosions is reduced.
Brawl The more enemies there are in a room, the more powerful your moves will be.
Defensive Rhythm Whenever Pokemon are hit by attacks, their Defense and Sp. Def are boosted. The effect only lasts for 1 turn, but it's useful when you're hit by a concentrated attack.
Evasive Rhythm Whenever Pokemon are hit by attacks, their evasiveness is boosted, making it easier to dodge attacks. The effect only lasts for 1 turn, but it's useful when you're hit by a concentrated attack.
Food Finder You're more likely to see Tiny Apples in dungeons.
Forge a Path You can break walls as you walk. But your Belly gets significantly emptier if you break walls, and you can't break any more walls if your Belly reaches 0.
Friendly Pokemon you battle against are more likely to become your friends.
Funnel Fun The rate at which HP restores naturally when Pokemon are in a corridor is greatly sped up.
Leap Ahead The Pokemon behind you in a corridor jumps in front and uses a 1-tile move. After it uses the move, that Pokemon returns to its original spot.
Leave Half An Apple, Max Ether, or Tiny Reviver Seed will remain in your Toolbox after you use a Big Apple, Perfect Apple, Max Elixir, or Reviver Seed.
Link Boost The power of linked moves is boosted. The more moves are linked, the more powerful they become.
Lonely Courage When a Pokemon has no nearby teammates, it gets very strong.
Mind Over Matter When a Pokemon steps on a Wonder Tile and its strength is restored, its bad conditions, such as being poisoned or burned, also heal.
Moving Up Move Exp. earned when you use moves in a dungeon is increased more than usual.
Narrow Focus Move used in corridors will never miss.
Notorious Fasting Pokemon won't take damage even when their belly reaches 0. Beware that HP won't restore naturally while the Pokemon's Belly is empty, and they will take damage if they're in a wall.
Notorious Healing The rate at which HP restores naturally is sped up.
Notorious Restoration When you use items that help restore HP or fill your Belly, those items will restore more than usual.
PP Pouch The PP of a learned move restores a bit when an enemy is defeated.
Rapid Bull's-Eyes Moves that hit multiple times will never miss.
Recoil Boost Moves that have recoil damage or moves that hurt the user if they miss are greatly powered up.
Riled Up Attack and Sp. Atk are boosted when you take damage from an enemy.
Sales Pitch Items can be sold at a higher price to shops in dungeons.
Shared Happiness When a teammate's bad conditions are healed, a bad condition of another team member also gets healed.
Small Stomach Whatever food you eat, it will fill your Belly completely. Be sure to chew your food well!
Squad Up The more members you have on your team, the more likely it is that Pokemon you battle against will want to be your friends.
Squeeze Out The PP of a move that has 0 PP may sometimes be restored.
Steamroll Even moves that have no effect or are not every effective due to Abilities or bad type matchups will be able to steamroll opponents and deal damage.
Strike Back When the Pokemon takes damage from an adjacent enemy, it reduces the Attack and Sp. Atk of that enemy.
Thrown Item Boost Spikes and stones are powered up. On top of that, enemies won't be able to catch items.
Tight Formation The more team members there are nearby, the lower the damage will be when Pokemon are hit by wide-ranging moves, such as Magnitude.
Wary Walk When a Pokemon steps on a trap, the trap can be broken and disabled.
XP Boost The Exp. Points Pokemon earn after defeating an enemy in a dungeon are boosted. On top of that, this effect also applies to Pokemon at rescue team camps.

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