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How Long is the Game?

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This article provides information on how much playing time or content is in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX on the Nintendo Switch. If you want to know if you are getting your money's worth or just want to gauge how much time you will be spending on the game, this is for you.

Main Storyline

Initial Dungeons


The pre-Fugitive Arc dungeons aren't really a challenge. It is where you climb the ropes of the game and get familiar with everything. If you are focused enough and depending on how much you grind, you can finish this arc in around eight (8) hours.

Fugitive Arc

Fugitive Arc.jpg

This is where the game gets a bit tough. Players might fail the dungeons alot here. For many of us, we will be needing to get levels and supplies by going through Rock Path and Snow Path multiple times.

Including possible failures, leveling and supplies runs, this arc might take up to ten (10) hours.

Post Fugitive Arc

Post Fugitive Arc.jpg

This is the final stretch of the main storyline, players should use all of their Dojo Tickets in this stage. Considering you are well prepared for all the dungeons in this arc, it might take you sixteen (16) hours.

Main Storyline Content Length

Depending on your efficiency, focus and maybe luck, the Main Storyline might take you around thirty-two (32) hours.

Post-game Quests

Kyogre in the Stormy Sea : 1 hr and 30 mins


Stormy Sea is a 40F dungeon with Kyogre as a boss in the last floor.

Mew and the Regis : 4 hrs depending on luck

Buried Relic.jpg

You need to defeat the Regis before having to run the dungeon again in hopes of encountering Mew.

the Beasts and Ho-Oh : 5 hrs

Ho Oh.jpg

You need to defeat the Legendary Beasts in their respective 30F dungeons before taking on Ho-Oh in the 60F Mt. Faraway.

Mewtwo : 1 hr


Mewtwo's Western Cave is only 20F. However, Mewtwo is one of the toughest bosses in the game.

the Eon Pokemon : 1 hr and 30

Eon Pokemon.jpg

You will spar with Latios at the end of a 25F dungeon and rescue Latias in another 25F dungeon.

Medicham Rescue and Jirachi : 5 hrs

Medicham Rescue.jpg

Rescue Medicham first then run the dungeon again to defeat Jirachi.

Murky Cave : 30 min

Murky Cave.jpg

Silver Trench : 3 hrs and 30 mins


Silver Trench is a 99F dungeon with Lugia in the last floor. Lugia is not that strong compared to Mewtwo, but the dungeon is really challenging.

Deoxys : 1 hr


Meteor Cave may be only 20F but it is has many dangerous Monster Houses full of Deoxys clones. The fight is tough too.

Celebi : 4 hrs and 30 mins

Purity Forest.jpg

Perhaps the hardest dungeon in the game. It is 99F, level reset, items are disallowed and you can only bring one Rescue Team member inside.

Post-Game Content Length

Considering all those, possible failures and all the preparation and grinding needed, the post-game can be around fifty-six (56) hours of content.

If you plan on finishing the game up to this point, that is a total of eighty-eight (88) in-game hours.

Completionist's Content

Grand Master Rank


This can take a long time as you are required to get around 60,000 Rescue Points! However, there are some members of the community who were able to attain Grand Master and finish all the post-game content in just under one-hundred (100) hours.

Befriending All Pokemon


Are you up to the challenge to Catch 'em All? Being in a spin-off game isn't an excuse! This can take hours or even days of game play depending on your luck.

Maxing Out All Pokemon and Moves?...

How to Farm Stat Boost Items.png
How to Farm Stat Boost Items

This is only for the HARDCORE Mystery Dungeon players. Not only will you Catch 'em All, but you will also raise your Pokemon to their highest levels! This is not for everyone but just in case you want to know how to strengthen your Pokemon's stats, check out the article below.

Total Playing TIme

Total Playing Time.jpg

Approximately one-hundred (100) hours give or take twenty (20) for the non-completionist mark.

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1 Anonymousover 4 years

32 hours feels a bit long for the main game, even with a casual run. I finished my casual run in around 15-18 hours, which isn't short by any means, but definitely not as long as 32.


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