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Kangaskhan Storage

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This page is a guide on using Kangaskhan Storage in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for Nintendo Switch. If you want to learn about Kangaskhan Storage and when you should use it, please read on.

What Is Kangaskhan Storage

a Safe Storage for your Items!

Money Loss.jpg
Failing a dungeon means losing all of your items and money carried! To keep your items safe, you can store them in the Kangaskhan Storage found in South West of the Pokemon Square.
Kangaskhan Storage.jpg

the Motherly Kangaskhan assuring you that your items will be safe

When Should You Use the Kangaskhan Storage?

Before Going to a New Mystery Dungeon

Stocking Up.jpg
Before going to a dungeon, make sure that you have sufficient supplies and weapons. To know what items to bring to your dungeon runs check out this article!

This lowers the stakes if ever you die in that dungeon. You never know when that crazy Monster House is going to hit your team hard!

At the 'Go to Dungeon' Screen

Dungeon Menu.jpg
If you forget to bring items before departing, don't fret! you are able to access the Kangaskhan Storage together with the Felicity Bank in the pre-Dungeon Menu.
Dungeon Menu 2.jpg
You can both withdraw or deposit items in this dungeon menu so there is no downside to accessing this interface instead.

Use a Storage Orb to Deposit at Any Time Inside Dungeons

Storage Orb ImageStorage Orb
Effect Using it lets you select items from your Toolbox and send them to Kangaskhan storage.
Buying Price - Selling Price -

If you have a Storage Orb, you can deposit your items anytime while inside dungeons. That has some uses but take note that you can only store and not deposit items using the Storage Orb.

Fugitive Era

Thanks Kangaskhan!

Fugitive Era.jpg
You can both deposit and withdraw items in the fugitive era using these ultra-accessible Kangaskhan Statue! This storage is identical to the one back in the Pokemon Square so whatever items you deposit or get during the fugitive era will reflect in the storage back home.

Waypoint Storages

Some dungeons have Waypoints somewhere. You can either deposit or withdraw items here. Your fainted comrades will also be revived upon stepping back into the dungeon from a Waypoint.

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