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How to Clear Dungeons Fast

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This article talks about tips and tricks on how to clear dungeons fast in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX on the Nintendo Switch. If you are into in-game grinding and efficiency, this article is for you.

'Go the Other Way' Tactic

Go the Other Way

Go Other Way.jpg

The Go the Other Way Tactic accessed in the Current Tactics makes the Pokemon assigned with that Tactic to separate with the leader. This allows you to explore the dungeon thrice as fast as you are theoretically scanning the dungeons thrice as fast.

Separate With the Rescue Team.jpg

As you can see, the leader Skitty, is not followed by the other party members Cloyster and Groudon. The Slugma that is following it is a new recruit.

Skitty Found the Stairs.jpg

In this picture, we saw that the Skitty found the stairs while we were playing with Groudon. As soon as the Skitty found the stairs, we switched leaders and went to the stairs immediately.

Together with the Rescue Team.jpg

If you choose to explore the dungeon using any other Tactic, it wouldn't be as fast as using the Go the Other Way becasue your party will be sticking together and you will only be able to scan the floor one room at a time.

Tips and Tricks in Using Go the Other Way

In using this tactic, you should make sure that your Pokemon are strong enough to defend themselves alone as they will not be together with the rest of the party. Because of this, we recommend that you use your weakest Pokemon as your leader as the leader is always followed by the new recruits. This makes sure that your weakest Pokemon is assisted by your new recruits.

As far as stat requirements for this tactic, we recommend at least base 90 in all stats and atleast 200HP. To know how to raise your Pokemon's base stats, check out the article below!

How to Farm Stat Boost Items.png
How to Farm Stat Boost Items

A Rare Quality you should consider in using this strategy is Lonely Courage as it makes team members that are alone stronger. It affects your whole team so even just one member who possesses the Rare Quality will do. For more information on Rare Qualities, click here!

Items to Speed-up Runs

X-Ray Specs

X-Ray Specs ImageX-Ray Specs
Effect When this item is equipped, the locations of items and Pokemon (but not traps) on the floor become visible.
Buying Price 8000 Selling Price 800

X-Ray Specs allow you to deduce which parts of the floor contain rooms as they contain items indicated by blue circles. This makes runs faster as you won't waste as much time going through long corridors. Finding rooms easier means that you will find the stairs easier.

One-Room Orb

One-Room Orb ImageOne-Room Orb
Effect Using it destroys all walls on the floor to turn it into one big room.
Buying Price - Selling Price 30

By using the One-Room Orb, you also reveal where the stairs it. Simply use it and the whole room, including the stairs, will be revealed. Be cautious in doing this as Pokemon with room-wide moves can easily hit your team so bring your own room-wide moves or any other kind of defense.

Guiding Wand

Guiding Wand ImageGuiding Wand
Effect Waving it reveals the location of the stairs.
Buying Price 75 per Charge Selling Price 8 per Charge

This item is pretty self-explanatory. It is quite rare but it is a good item to speed up dungeon runs.

Pure Seed

Pure Seed ImagePure Seed
Effect Eating it warps you close to the floor's stairs.
Buying Price - Selling Price 18

Another self-explanatory item. It is rare but it is a good item to have to speed up dungeon runs.

Settings for Fast Runs

Fast Versus Regular.jpg

By setting the game Speed to Fast, you can speed up the game a little bit. This saves you quite a lot of time especially in long dungeons. We recommend running the Fast setting but we also want to remind the players to mindful when there are multiple enemy Pokemon in the screen as they can wipe out your team if you don't pay attention.

ZR Menu Settings.jpg

Since you will be switching leaders alot, we recommend that you make a shortcut to the Switch Leaders Menu using the Shortcuts section. You will save a lot of time becasue this allows you to skip all of the menu browsing and just press two buttons to access the Switch Leaders Menu.

ZR Menu.jpg

This is what the ZR Menu looks like. It's very fast and very efficient to use.

We hope that you will be able to use the tips in this article to speed up your dungeon runs, for more recommendations in settings to further optimize your gaming experience, check out the article below!

Recommended Settings and Controls

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No need to assign a change leader shortcut since you can do so much more easily by pressing the "+" on the joycon.


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