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Kecleon Shops in Pokemon Square and Dungeons

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This page is a guide on Kecleon Wares, the Shop found in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn about the Kecleon Wares shops found in Dungeons, those found in Pokemon Square, and how to steal items.

What is Kecleon Wares?

A Place Where You Can Buy and Sell Items

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Kecleon Wares is a place where you can buy useful items and sell the ones that you don't need.

There are two types of Kecleon Wares: a permanent shop in Pokemon Square and a shop randomly found in mystery dungeons.

You Can Buy Tools and TMs at Kecleon Wares

At Pokemon Square, you can buy from and sell to two different Kecleons. The one on the left sells useful tools and items like food and berries while the one on the right sells TMs. The items sold in these shops change after every time you visit a mystery dungeon.

Kecleon Wares found in dungeons usually just sell tools and other items, but these sometimes sell TMs as well.

List of TMs

What's Different About Kecleon Wares in Dungeons?

These Are Encountered at Random

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Kecleon Wares can be found at random during your adventures in various mystery dungeons. To buy an item, pick it up and talk to Kecleon. To sell an item, just drop it on the floor and talk to Kecleon.

You Can Steal From Them

If you try to leave the room without paying Kecleon, he'll ask you to pay. However, you can ignore him and continue to the stairs to the next floor.

That said, stealing isn't as simple as it sounds.

Be careful! Kecleon is very strong

If you leave the shop without paying Kecleon or if you attack Kecleon for whatever reason, a horde of Kecleon will appear and start attacking you.

The horde of Kecleon is nearly unbeatable unless you have the odds stacked in your favor, so make sure that you're prepared for a fight before stealing something.

How to Steal from Kecleon

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