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Main Story Post-Game 100% Clear

This is a guide to all features and Missions unlocked after the main story is completed. Read on to find out what features are unlocked and how to complete each post-game Mission.

What Happens After Beating the Game

New Missions to Catch Legendary Pokemon

Story Events will occur after the end of the game which give access to a variety of Legendary Pokemon. Each Pokemon which appears as a Boss will agree to join your team after you defeat them, so it's a good idea to go ahead and try these Dungeons right away after they are unlocked.

Challenge Dungeons Unlocked

New Dungeons will appear with a much greater difficulty level than those found in the main Story. These include Dungeons with 99 floors, Dungeons where your whole party starts at Level 1, and more.

All Pokemon become available

Over 400 Pokemon are available in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX. With no separation between Red and Blue versions this time, all Pokemon are accessible with a single copy of the game. Every Pokemon found in the game can be recruited, so long as you have the proper Rescue Camp, so be sure to purchase Camps ahead of time to make sure you can befriend any Pokemon.

Shiny Pokemon become recruitable

Like the main series games, alternate colored versions of each Pokemon can be found in the game. Although these Pokemon can be encountered at a high rate as Strong Foes from early on, they do not become recruitable until completing the game, so be sure to finish the game quickly if you want to add Shinies to your team.
List of Strong Foes and Rewards

Aim for the Highest Rescue Team Rank!

Rookie Rank.jpg

Lots of Pokemon are still needing to be rescued! Work your way up until the prestigious Master Rank! It is going to be tedious, but at least the variety of dungeons in the post-game will keep you entertained.

Post-Game Content Story Chart

This content is continuing to be updated as we further explore the game.

How to Get Mew, Kyogre and the Regi Trio

1 Finish any dungeon (with or without taking a Job)
Talk to the Medicham in front our your base, the Lombre in Pokemon Square, and the Whiscash in the pond north of the Square in that order. This will unlock the Stormy Sea Dungeon.
You can find Kyogre in this Dungeon.
2 Complete the Stormy Sea Dungeon.
Read the News about the Ruins which arrives in the mail.
Then, talk to the Lombre and the Shiftry in Pokemon Square in that order.
You'll become able to visit the Buried Relic Dungeon.
3 Reach 15F of Buried Relic and defeat the first Boss, Regirock.
Continue to 25F of Buried Relic and fight the second Boss, Regice.
Finally, reach 35F of Buried Relic and defeat the third Boss, Registeel.
After defeating all three Bosses, you'll receive a Music Box.
4 After defeating all three Regi Pokemon, Mew will appear somewhere from 36F to 99F of the Dungeon.

This Mission will allow you to encounter the Legendary Pokemon Kyogre, as well as the three Regis, and recruit them into your team.

Encounter with Mew

Mew will appear in an undetermined location from 36F to 99F of Buried Relic, and it's not certain it will be Recruited, so it can require a lot of patience to obtain. Be sure to purchase Mew's Rescue Camp before attempting this challenge!

How to Get Latios and Latias

1 Clear Stormy Sea
Go to the Pelipper Office Bulletin Board to trigger an event. You will receive access to a friend area, Southern Island
2 Complete a dungeon even with no jobs.
After waking up, another event will trigger and you will be able to access Northern Range.
3 Reach 25F of Northern Range and defeat Latios.
After defeating Latios, another event will trigger. This will unlock Pitfall Valley
4 Reach 25F of Pitfall Valley and rescue Latias. There is no boss battle as it is a rescue mission.
Latios and Latias will join your rescue team after the mission.

How to Get Mewtwo, Ho-oh and the Legendary Dogs

1 Finish any dungeon (with or without taking a Job)
Go to the Bulletin Board near the Pelipper Post Office and a story event with Spinda will begin
2 Go through the Great Canyon Dungeon
The Fiery Field Dungeon will be unlocked.
3 Defeat the Boss Entei on 30F of Fiery Field.
The Lightning Field Dungeon will be unlocked.
4 Defeat the Boss Raikou on 30F of Lightning Field.
The Northwind Field Dungeon will be unlocked.
5 Defeat the Boss Suicune on 30F of Northwind Field.
The Mt. Faraway Dungeon will be unlocked.
6 Defeat the Boss Ho-oh on 60F of Mt. Faraway
The Western Cave Dungeon will be unlocked
7 Defeat the Boss Suicune on 30F of Northwind Field.

Your meeting with Spinda will kickstart a whirlwind mission allowing you to meet all three Legendary Dogs, along with Ho-oh and Mewtwo, and recruit them into your party.

However, keep in mind that you cannot recruit the Legendary Dogs on the first time through this Mission, and must first finish Mt. Faraway and go through their Dungeons against to recruit them.

How to Get Lugia, Deoxys and Celebi

1 Defeat Zapdos at Mt. Thunder and recruit them into your team
Defeat Moltres at Mt. Blaze and recruit them into your team
Defeat Articuno at Frosty Forest and recruit them into your team
2 Complete the Pitfall Valley Dungeon (part of the Latios & Latias Mission)
The Silver Trench, Purity Forest, and Joyous Tower Dungeons will be unlocked.
3 Complete the Purity Forest Dungeon and Celebi will join your team without a boss fight.
This is not necessary to complete the following steps.
4 Defeat the Boss Lugia in Silver Trench and it will join your team.
The Meteor Cave Dungeon will be unlocked.
5 Defeat the Boss Deoxys in Meteor Cave and it will join your team.

How to Get Jirachi, Gengar and Gardevoir

1 Complete Pitfall Valley and trigger the event in Pokemon Square between Medicham and Ekans. You need to trigger this conversation three times.
You have to clear a dungeon everytime the conversation ends. You can do this even without a job request.
2 Ekans will be eventually found in the Pelipper Post Office, and a request from Medicham will appear in the Bulletin Board.
The Wish Cave Dungeon will be unlocked
3 Rescue Medicham on 20F of the Wish Cave. This will allow you to access up to 99F of Wish Cave; otherwise, you will not be able to continue further into the Dungeon.
4 After reaching 99F of the Wish Cave Dungeon, Jirachi will join your team automatically.
Note that this is not necessary to complete the following steps.
5 Clear any Dungeon with our without a rescue job.
Talk to Medicham in the Pokemon Square.
6 Complete any Dungeon with or without a rescue job. This will trigger an event when you wake up.
7 Take Gengar with you and clear Mt. Freeze.
After Clearing Mt. Freeze, you will unlock Murky Cave.
8 Complete the Murky Cave Dungeon with Gengar.
After clearing, talk to Gardevoir in from of the Rescue Base and become friends with her.

All Post-Game Dungeons and How to Unlock

Dungeon #F Boss Strong Foe How to Unlock
Howling Forest 15
Butterfree Image Accept a request from Smeargle on the Bulletin Board
Stormy Sea 40
Kyogre Image
- Talk to Medicham, Lombre and Whiscash
Buried Relic 99
Regirock Image Regice Image Registeel Image
- Complete Stormy Sea
Northern Range 25
Latios Image
Ninetales Image Complete Solar Cave
Pitfall Valley 25
Latias Image
Exeggutor Image Complete Northern Range
Silver Trench 99
Lugia Image
- Complete Pitfall Valley and recruit all 3 Legendary Birds
Meteor Cave 20
Deoxys Image
- Complete Silver Trench
Fiery Field 30
Entei Image
- Talk to Spinda in front of Pelipper Post Office
Lightning Field 30
Raikou Image
- Complete Fiery Field
Northwind Field 30
Suicune Image
- Complete Lightning Field
Mt. Faraway 40
Ho-Oh Image
Electrode Image Complete Northwind Field
Western Cave 99
Mewtwo Image
Zangoose Image Complete Mt. Faraway
Wish Cave 99
Jirachi Image
- Complete Pitfall Valley
Murky Cave 20
Hoothoot Image Complete Wish Cave
Solar Cave 20
Aipom Image Talk to Medicham, Lombre and Whiscash
Waterfall Pond 19
Gyarados Image Finish the main story
Joyous Tower 99
- Complete Pitfall Valley
Purity Forest 99
Celebi Image
- Complete Pitfall Valley
Fantasy Strait 30
Altaria Image Complete Meteor Cave and obtain all legendaries except Mew, Celebi, and Jirachi
Marvelous Sea 20
Magikarp Image Complete Meteor Cave and obtain all legendaries except Mew, Celebi, and Jirachi
Remains Island 20
Espeon Image Finish the main story
Darknight Relic 15
Wobbuffet Image Purchase the Secretive Forest Rescue Camp
Desert Region 20
Sudowoodo Image Purchase the Withering Desert Rescue Camp
Grand Sea 30
Starmie Image Purchase the Serene Sea Rescue Camp
Southern Cavern 50
Shuckle Image Purchase the Boulder Cave Rescue Camp
Unown Relic 11
- Purchase either of the two Aged Chamber Rescue Camps
Wyvern Hill 30
Exeggcute Image Purchase the Dragon Cave Rescue Camp
Far-off Sea 75
Corsola Image Purchase the Serene Sea Rescue Camp

Tips and Strategies for Post-Game Missions

Boost your Rescue Team Rank

Starting from the Rookie Rank, you can continue to climb in the ranks as you complete Jobs. This will increase the number of Pokemon you can recruit and the number of items you can hold, so it will help significantly in completing the post-game Dungeons.

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Main Story Post-Game 100% Clear


15 Anonymousover 2 years

Loved this game from front to back! sad we cant really physically visit the camps anymore. Purity forest kept me busy for some time and made me make up my new own challenges. Def recommend!

14 Anonymousalmost 3 years

The game is kinda short and the post game is a let down. But the gengar and gardevoir ending was cool.


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