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31 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Rescue Request: Dungeon: Joyous Tower Floor: 75F Reward: Deluxe

30 Anonymous4 monthsReport

Rescue Request: ID: d=3tp80XGp3 Dungeon: Purity Forest Floor: 60F Reward: Deluxe

29 Anonymous4 monthsReport

Rescue Request: ID: d=3tp80XGp3 Dungeon: Purity Forest Floor: 57F Reward: Deluxe

28 Anonymous4 monthsReport

Rescue Request: ID: d=3tp80XGp3 Dungeon: Purity Forest Floor: 37F Reward: Deluxe

27 Sam4 monthsReport

If I buy a Japanese cartridge of the game, can I still play it in English?

26 Charlotte5 monthsReport

you have to progress the game

25 Charlotte5 monthsReport

your son's pokemon's status will clear after some time. my tip is to him to keep the leader away from pokemon that can inflict the status. there is nothinng you can do if it has that status

21 Terryover 1 yearReport

My grandson is stuck. His Pokémon is surrounded by 2 enemies and is "terrified" and won't battle or move. He also cannot open the tool box or change the leader. How does he get un-stuck?

20 Anonymousalmost 2 yearsReport

buried relic floorb47 enHVtKndubt

19 Anonymousabout 2 yearsReport

on the teddiursa page for ideal moveset it's absol's ideal moveset instead

18 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

sadly you have to create a new safefile

17 Anonymousalmost 3 yearsReport

Please help my son change the language from English to German and I don't know how to change it back!! Our switch light is still in English but this game is in German...

16 Fox about 3 yearsReport

I’m sliver rank and I’m only on silent chasm when do you start getting higher then F on jobs??

15 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

impossible to use cloyster to defeat groudon who ever would have their cloyster dead in seconds

14 Hydronatorover 3 yearsReport

Yeah Bring Fire or Mewtwo Mew or kecleon

13 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

Anyone have any tips for purity forest and wish cave ? IM really struggling

11 Anonymousalmost 4 yearsReport

Same person again, gonna get a name so I dont have to keep saying it's me, Well on to the thing I was going to say, Just found out that someone literally just copied and pasted the traps and tiles page onto the dungeon weather and status page

10 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

Same person as the person below, Heres a thing to note if your gonna get a cloyster on your team, Its literal hell to level it up.

9 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

Transform into kyogre[Or maybe even primal form] Now just keep spamming water type moves and you should defeat and recruit groudon, Note that I havent tested this and I would appreciate it if someone tested this idea out.

8 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

I think I have discovered how to easily recruit groudon, First, You are going to need to recruit a kyogre and 2 dittos, Next. Get them all to atleast level 50, Now, Make sure you have a empowerment seed. Next, Once you enter the groudon fight, Set your tactic to dont use moves, And DO NOT use the empowerment seed yet. Now, When you get groudon to turn into its primal form, Use your empowerment seed after it's ability, Change your tactic to let's go together, and the dittos should

7 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

They really should nerf flygon, literally almost one shotted my team, now I'm waiting to get rescued.

6 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

unfair since S&S is getting their DLCs with the galarian legendary birds and such. im done with the game but i dont want to let it go

5 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

I don't think so. I think its a one and done game. great remake though I enjoyed it alot but im fine with being done with it. imo i got my dollars worth

4 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

Is there going to be DLC content in the future? I havent touched my cartridge in a month but that's going to bring me back

3 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

Low replay value. You can finish it in about two weeks. That's my problem with the game. It gets old so fast :/

2 Anonymousabout 4 yearsReport

Hi Sage, I think that's it. You can spend the cash on buying skills with Gulpin (its a new feature once you've beaten Rayquaza) but after the main storyline and reaching grandmaster, not much to do to be honest unless you want to go shiny hunting or catching 'em all.

1 Sageabout 4 yearsReport

So I've beaten the game and I have all this money, what else am i supposed to do with all this cash?

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