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How to Choose Your Starter and Partner

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Here you can see how to choose your starter Pokemon when you first start playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for Nintendo Switch. You can find a list of possible starters and partner Pokemon, and a guide to the personality quiz!

How to Manually Choose a Pokemon

Mystery Dungeon Eevee Character Selection.jpg

Refuse the Pokemon that you are assigned with so that you can manually choose the Pokemon that you want to play with.

The Initially Recommended Starter Pokemon

Initial Pokemon Recommendation

Choose Your Starter

Similar to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, you will be given a personality quiz at the start of the game. Based on your answers to the quiz, you will be recommended a Pokemon to start with.

However, in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, you can refuse the Pokemon you are assigned and choose freely from the 16 Starter Pokemon.

In Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, some starters were far stronger than others because of typing and specific moves. Mystery Dungeon DX has evened out the playing field a little bit by revamping the starting move pools completely.

However, because of the typing, specific moves learned and move coverage, some starters are still more powerful than others. For tips on what starter to choose, check out the Best Starter page and Starter Tier list!

Choosing a Partner Pokemon

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Starter Pokemon.jpg

You are given the ability to choose the Partner Pokemon as well! You are not able to choose Pokemon of the same type, so keep that in mind. It is for your own good as Move Coverage is very important. However, we think that some Pokemon are stronger than others so in addition to managing your Pokemon's weaknesses and strengths, so check our guides below on choosing the perfect Partner Pokemon.

Best Partner to Choose Best Partner for Each Starter Pokemon

The Available Starter Pokemon for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

Mystery Dungeon Quiz.jpg

Choose from 16 Starter Pokemon!

The game recommends a Pokemon based on your answers, but you can manually choose your Pokemon. The Partner Pokemon cannot be the same type as the Hero Pokemon.

List of Starters

Pokemon Type
Cyndaquil ImageCyndaquil
Type 1: FireFire

Type 2:
Totodile ImageTotodile
Type 1: WaterWater

Type 2:
Pikachu ImagePikachu
Type 1: ElectricElectric

Type 2:
Mudkip ImageMudkip
Type 1: WaterWater

Type 2:
Treecko ImageTreecko
Type 1: GrassGrass

Type 2:
Psyduck ImagePsyduck
Type 1: WaterWater

Type 2:
Chikorita ImageChikorita
Type 1: GrassGrass

Type 2:
Charmander ImageCharmander
Type 1: FireFire

Type 2:
Bulbasaur ImageBulbasaur
Type 1: GrassGrass

Type 2: PoisonPoison
Torchic ImageTorchic
Type 1: FireFire

Type 2:
Cubone ImageCubone
Type 1: GroundGround

Type 2:
Machop ImageMachop
Type 1: FightingFighting

Type 2:
Eevee ImageEevee
Type 1: NormalNormal

Type 2:
Squirtle ImageSquirtle
Type 1: WaterWater

Type 2:
Skitty ImageSkitty
Type 1: NormalNormal

Type 2:
Meowth ImageMeowth
Type 1: NormalNormal

Type 2:

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6 ゲームプログラマーover 2 years

== 主人公&パートナー == ナエトル、ヒコザル、ポッチャマ、ツタージャ、ポカブ、ミジュマル、ハリマロン、フォッコ、ケロマツ、モクロー、ニャビー、アシマリ、サルノリ、ヒバニー、メッソン、ニャオハ、ホゲータ、クワッスの18種類が加わったぞ!

5 Anonymousover 4 years

I missed out on a Skitty- Eevee duo my favorite pokemaaaan I wish they couldve allowed us to choose 2 pokemon of the same type this time :'( who cares if its going to be hard for me??? who cares!!


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