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Best Pokemon for the Story

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This page explains which Pokemon are best to use each point in the story in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for the Nintendo Switch. Read on for explanations on each of these Pokemon's strong points and how to use them on your team.

Story Guide & Walkthrough

Best Pokemon in the Early Game

Teddiursa and Linoone

Linoone ImageLinoone Teddiursa ImageTeddiursa

Go to their pages to see their recommended movesets!

Sinister Woods Dungeon and Encountered Pokemon

Can use the powerful Fury Swipes

As these Pokemon both hold the Normal typing, they are able to use the relentless multi-hit attack Fury Swipes with STAB*. This makes these Pokemon invaluable as partners both while crawling through Dungeons and all the way up to the Boss fight.

If you recruit one of these Pokemon, and it doesn't know Fury Swipes, either its level is still too low to learn the Move, or it has passed the level needed to learn the Move, and already forgotten it. In the former case, level it up until it learns the Move, and in the latter case, visit Gulpin in Pokemon Square to have the Pokemon remember the Move.

*STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) boosts an attacks' power by 1.5x when used by a Pokemon whose type matches that of the Move.

Pickup helps obtain useful and valuable Items

These Pokemon also share the Ability Pickup, which allows them to obtain Items randomly throughout a Dungeon. However, be aware that Abilities are randomly determined, so the Teddiursa or Linoone you obtain may not have the Pickup Ability.
List of Abilities

Magnemite (Joins after Mt. Steel)

Magnemite ImageMagnemite

Go to its page to see Magnemite's ideal moveset!

Joins your team as part of the Story

Magnemite will join your team on its own after Mission 3, taking place at Mt. Steel. It has few weaknesses and is able to deal heavy damage, and can deal damage even from the back of the line with its ranged attack Signal Beam. We recommend using Magnemite in any case when your starter is not Pikachu, and even together with Pikachu it can still be a valuable member of the team.
Mission 3: Rescue Diglett at Mt. Steel Story Walkthrough

Best Pokemon in the Middle Part of the Game

A strong Starter and Partner are key

During the middle part of the Story, you will be temporarily unable to return to Pokemon Square, or use any Pokemon other than your Starter and Partner. This makes having a Starter and Partner who can act on their own essential for making it through this difficult part of the game.

Recommended Starters

Cyndaquil ImageCyndaquil Pikachu ImagePikachu Charmander ImageCharmander Torchic ImageTorchic

Go to their pages to see their recommended movesets!

For Starters, Pikachu or the Fire-type Starters are recommended. Pikachu can deal super-effective damage to Moltres and Articuno with Electric attacks, and the Fire-type starters can deal super-effective damage to Articuno and take reduced damage from Moltres's attacks.
Starter Tier List

Recommended Partners

Skitty ImageSkitty Meowth ImageMeowth

Go to their pages to see their recommended movesets!

For Partners, Skitty or Meowth are strong options. Skitty can deal super-effective Electric damage with Charge Beam or Thunderbolt, and multi-hit damage with Double Slap. Consider using Skitty if you didn't choose Pikachu as a Starter.

On the other hand, Meowth is a great support player, dealing multi-hit damage and collecting useful items with Pickup. As you have few options to buy or farm items in this part of the game, Meowth's Pickup skill can help you maintain a solid stock.

Best Overall Partner Best Partner for Each Starter Pokemon

Best Pokemon Later in the Game

Absol (Joins after Frosty Forest)

Go to Absol's page to see its recommended moveset!

Absol ImageAbsol

Frosty Forest Dungeon and Encountered Pokemon

Starts off with a high Level

When you first meet Absol, it is already at Level 28, compared to your Starter and Partner Pokemon which may be somewhere from Level 22 to 26 at this point. In addition, its Stats, in particular its Attack, are high, and can be used with the powerful Physical Moves it already knows to smack down foes. Even after returning to Pokemon Square and regaining access to other Pokemon, Absol is a strong choice to keep around in your main team.

Joins your team as part of the Story

Absol will join your team on its own after Mission 9, taking place at Frosty Forest. Absol's addition to the party will come with a warm welcome from players who have been struggling with using only their Partner and Starter for the previous several dungeons.
Mission 9: Vs. Articuno at Frosty Forest Story Walkthrough

Pokemon That Can Use Ranged Attacks

Although Absol is a highly powerful attacker, it lacks the ability to use ranged attacks. If you'd prefer a third member who can stay in the back and continue attacking, consider a Pokemon which can use attacks like Psybeam, Signal Beam and Razor Leaf.

Best Pokemon for Sky Tower

Glalie, Piloswine and Cloyster

Piloswine ImagePiloswine Glalie ImageGlalie Cloyster ImageCloyster

Go to their pages to see their recommended movesets!

Mt. Freeze Dungeon and Encountered Pokemon Frosty Forest Dungeon and Encountered Pokemon

The Sky Tower is filled with opponents who are weak to Ice-type Moves. Foes such as Flygon and Masquerain will take super-effective damage from Ice, and the Dragon/Flying-type Boss Rayquaza will take double super effective damage (1.4 x 1.4). Returning to Frosty Forest or Mt. Freeze to recruit an Ice-type Pokemon will make the last part of the Main Story much easier to deal with.


Out of all these Pokemon, Cloyster deserves a special menton because of its ability, Skill Link. This makes the already powerful Icicle Spear more powerful as Skill Link enables it to hit 5 times always.

Cloyster can be rescued in Magma Cavern.

Pokemon with Long-ranged Attacks

If you do not have access to these Pokemon, just settle with Pokemon that have long Ranged attacks such as Quick Attack and Razor Leaf. Having these moves allow you take out enemy Pokemon while sustaining minimal damage.

Best Pokemon for the Post-game Dungeons

Silver Trench: Cloyster

Cloyster ImageCloyster

Go to Cloyster's page to see its recommended movesets!

Cloyster's Skill Link

Cloyster is extremely powerful with Skill Link as it improves the already strong move Spike Cannon and Icicle Spear. If Cloyster or any Pokemon in your team has Rapid Bull's-Eyes, then it can be considered one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game.

Cloyster's Other Skills

In addition to Spike Cannon and Icicle Spear, Cloyster also has Hydro Pump, Blizzard and Shell Smash. This makes Cloyster one of the best Pokemon in room clearing and overall dungeon runs.

Southern Cavern: Marowak

Marowak ImageMarowak

Go to Marowak's page to see its recommended movesets!

Marowak can learn Bonemarang, Bone Rush, Earth Power and Blizzard. This gives it excellent one-on-one potential and also good room-wide damage dealing ability.

Fiery Field: Torkoal, Camerupt, Magcargo

Torkoal ImageTorkoal Magcargo ImageMagcargo Camerupt ImageCamerupt

Go to their pages to see their recommended movesets!

These Pokemon can learn both Heat Wave and Earth Power. These two moves allow them to deal damage to the enemies in the same room. Earth Power also has a type advantage against the Fire Pokemon in Fiery Field.

Mega Evolution: Camerupt

With an Empowerment Seed, Camerupt can Mega Evolve. This allows him to clear with Earth Power and Heat Wave with more ease.

Shell Smash: Magcargo and Torkoal

Like Cloyster, Magcargo and Torkoal can learn the powerful stat-boosting move, Shell Smash. Be careful when using Shell Smash as it also lowers your Sp. Def and Def.

Mt. Faraway, Waterfall Pond: Swampert and Quagsire

Quagsire ImageQuagsire Swampert ImageSwampert

Go to their pages to see their recommended movesets!

Lots of Long-ranged Skills

Both Pokemon can learn Blizzard, Ice-Beam, Water Pulse and Earth Power that help conserve HP by taking out Pokemon at long-range.

Due to the cost of these TMs, it is better to build these Pokemon in the late game when you have abundant resources.

Mega Evolution: Swampert

With an Empowerment Seed, Swampert can Mega Evolve. This allows it to clear with Earth Power and the other moves with ease.

Water Absorb: Quagsire

This skill allows Quagsire to be immune to Water moves. He can soak up a lot of damage for the team if you chose him to be the leader of the party.

Pokemon with Long-range Room-wide Moves

Zapdos ImageZapdos Flygon ImageFlygon Masquerain ImageMasquerain Froslass ImageFroslass

Go to their pages to see their recommended movesets!

These Pokemon learn at least two moves that are either Long-range or Room-wide. Moves with those characteristics are especially important in the post-game dungeons.

Zapdos Size

Due to Zapdos' size, it can hit multiple targets with moves that are normally single target. Consider this in your strategy when using a Zapdos. This makes powerful moves like Thunder, Thunderbolt and Ancient Power even more powerful.

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6 Anonymousabout 1 year

Smeargle should be mentioned. Like all the other Mystery Dungeon games the pokemon is in, it is essentially the king of the series. Since you are able to boost it's low stats far higher than ever and take advantage of any status, multi-hit or room wiping move that's available. Giving it the capability to dominate any dungeon that's in the game.

5 Anonymousabout 4 years

I thing exeggutor deserves a spot in this list too. Not only barrage is a multi-hit move but it can also hit pokemon in an arc much like a gravelerock


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