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What Items to Bring to a Dungeon

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX on the Nintendo Switch is all about running dungeons. To run dungeons effectively, players must have good resource management. The key to resource management is toolbox composition and this article will provide you with the best guidelines!

Essentials: for Job Runs and Earlier Dungeons


Essentials are the non-negotiables for dungeon runs. If you do not have the essentials, you will most likely have trouble in your dungeon runs unless you have Rare Qualities that cover the utility they provide.


Big Apple ImageBig Apple
Effect Eating this fills your Belly a lot. If you eat it when your Belly is full, it increases your Belly's capactiy quite a bit during that adventure.
Buying Price 150 Selling Price 15

If your Pokemon loses all its Belly, it will start losing HP rapidly. Apples are essential for preventing this HP loss. We recommend bringing around 500 Belly Points worth of Apples in a 99F dungeon as you will find Apples in your adventure. Adjust the amount specified depending on the length of your dungeon.

Reviver Seeds

Tiny Reviver Seed ImageTiny Reviver Seed
Effect If this item is in your Toolbox, it will revive a fainted Pokemon. It turns into a Plain Seed once it revives a Pokemon.
Buying Price 200 Selling Price 20

Reviver Seeds are crucial if you want to recruit Pokemon in dungeons because you can't recruit them once they faint in that dungeon. As they are equal to power in the other Pokemon there, they can faint pretty easily. In addition to that, some of your team members might faint during the dungeon runs so Reviver Seeds are very important regardless if you're trying to recruit Pokemon or not. Some bosses can make your Pokemon faint easily too, Reviver seeds will keep them in the fight.

Oran Berries

Oran Berry ImageOran Berry
Effect Eating it restores HP. Additionally, it increases your max HP during that adventure only. If your max HP is 100 or more, your max HP won't increase unless you eat this Berry when your HP is full.
Buying Price 25 Selling Price 5

Oran Berries keep your Pokemon fighting and they are much more common than Reviver Seeds. If you can use them instead of Reviver Seeds, do so as they are cheaper. Enemy Pokemon can knock your Pokemon out without giving them the chance to eat an Oran Berry so you should still bring Reviver Seeds.

Elixirs and Ethers

Max Elixir ImageMax Elixir
Effect Drinking it completely restores the PP of all your moves. It can also heal the Sealed status.
Buying Price 175 Selling Price 20
Max Ether ImageMax Ether
Effect Drinking it completely restores the PP of one of your moves.
Buying Price 100 Selling Price 10

These items makes PP management easier! We recommend bringing atleast seven (7) Max Elixirs and seven (7) Max Ethers in a 99F dungeon. Adjust the amounts accordingly depending on your dungeon size. Remember that you can find these items inside dungeons as well. If all your Pokemon's moves are linked, bring more.

Blast Seeds: the Key to the Early Game

Blast Seed ImageBlast Seed
Effect Eating it makes you attack 1 tile in front of your with a blast, causing huge damage. You can also throw it to use it, but the power is weaker.
Buying Price 30 Selling Price 8

In the early game, it is quite hard to dish out 100HP worth of damage in one turn. If this is the case, bring Blast Seeds as they can dish out that much damage in a one turn. Skarmory for example can not take more than two (2) Blast Seed hits.

If you are having trouble with the Moltres and Articuno in the fugitve arc, collect Blast Seeds in Rock Path and Snow Path. Their damage output will allow you to take them down easily.

For the Harder Dungeons

Utility Items

Helper Orb ImageHelper Orb
Effect Use it and another rescue team will come to help you. They will only help you on the floor you used the orb on.
Buying Price 50 Selling Price 5

Helper Orb.jpg
The Helper Orb summons a trio of Pokemon that will help you in the floor that you are currently in. We find them very useful in boss battles as they both absorb damage and deal damage on their own. They can be used even if you already have the max number of eight (8) Pokemon. This means you can start boss battles with a total of eleven (11) Pokemon!

Link Box ImageLink Box
Effect Use it to link or delink moves. Link or delink as many moves as you'd like at one time, but once you're finished, the box will disappear.
Buying Price 6500 Selling Price 650

Allows you to link your moves inside of dungeons. Sometimes it is not wise to run dungeons with Linked Moves as it drains your PP and Belly faster. Link Boxes allow you to link your moves before a boss fight. Don't worry about bringing these taking up inventory space because they kind of serve as a Max Elixir in terms of saving PP.

Invitation ImageInvitation
Effect It's an invitation from an unknown sender. What would happen if you put it in the mail slot of the mysterious rooms you sometimes see in dungeons?
Buying Price 1000 Selling Price 100

Invitations allow you to enter Mystery Room that has both treasures and supplies inside. Additionally, the Pokemon inside will also join you in your journey. Because of this, Invitations are really efficient in terms of Toolbox space.

Empowerment Seed ImageEmpowerment Seed
Effect Eating it causees the Pokemon to become Awakened, making them very strong!
Buying Price 350 Selling Price 125

Empowerment Seed.jpg
This is an amazing item to power-up your Pokemon. Your Pokemon can also Mega Evolve if they are compatible. A full party of Awakened Pokemon can defeat most bosses in the game without using any revives. This is because Awakened Pokemon ignores type resistances and their Linked Moves always perform a critical hit!

Held Items

Efficient Bandanna ImageEfficient Bandanna
Effect When this item is equipped, moves sometimes won't cost PP to use.
Buying Price 7000 Selling Price 700

We like bringing Efficient Bandannas for the whole team as this conserves a lot of PP for us. If you have PP Pouch or Squeeze Out, you might not even need Elixirs or Ethers.

Special Band ImageSpecial Band
Effect When equipped, it boosts the wearer's Sp. Atk, increasing the power of special moves!
Buying Price - Selling Price 50

But they are not ideal for boss fights as they do not have any combat advantages. To cover this, we also like to bring combat-centered Held Items like the Special Band above.

Do not worry as you are not wasting Toolbox Spaces with the Efficient Bandannas. They are very slot-efficient items.

Your Choice of Wands, Orbs and Seeds

Stayaway Wand ImageStayaway Wand
Effect Waving it at a Pokemon warps that Pokemon to somewhere on the floor and makes it Petrified. It might be a good idea to use it against tough opponents.
Buying Price 50 per Charge Selling Price 5 per Charge

Bring utility items of your choice to cater to your needs and play style. If you do not like dealing with Strong Foes or the Steelix's from Magma Cavern, bring a Stayaway Wand to avoid dealing with them!

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