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How Much Money Should I Carry Into Dungeons?

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This page discusses the reasons on why you should bring specific amount of money or Poke into dungeons on the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX on the Nintendo Switch. If you want to know how Poke or money works in dungeons, this page is for you.

Poke/Money in Dungeons

Lost Upon Dungeon Failure

Money Loss.jpg

Items and Poke / Money will be lost if you fail to clear or escape from a dungeon succesfully. Because of this, you should be careful of the amount of Poke you bring into dungeons.

Kecleon Shops

Kecleon Shop.jpg

Kecleon Shops are the only reason why you should bring money into dungeons. They spawn randomly throughout various dungeons. If you have X-Ray Specs on, you can determine if there are Kecleon Shops in the floor if there are a bunch of items sitting side-by-side. This is different from Monster Houses wherein items are scattered throughout one room.

Notable Items

Coming Prepared


The dungeons in the game can pose quite a challenge. Many of the dungeons even feature fierce bosses in the end! It is expected that you bring the standard supplies such as Ethers, Elixirs, Apples, Berries and Reviver Seeds. You can also bring Orbs, Wands and Seeds if you choose to.

All of the standard supplies mentioned above are available in Kecleon Shops, but you should not rely on these shops to restock as they are only a chance encounter.

Instead, we recommend the players to treat Kecleon shops as places where you can get useful items for your next trip and not a pit stop for restocking. Although treating it as the latter can work well for you too! Here are some items you should look out for in shops.

Link Box

Link Box ImageLink Box
Effect Use it to link or delink moves. Link or delink as many moves as you'd like at one time, but once you're finished, the box will disappear.
Buying Price 6500 Selling Price 650

Allows you to link your moves inside of dungeons. Sometimes it is not wise to run dungeons with Linked Moves as it drains your PP and Belly faster. Link Boxes allow you to link your moves before a boss fight. Don't worry about bringing these taking up inventory space because they kind of serve as a Max Elixir in terms of saving PP.

Evolution Crystal

Evolution Crystal ImageEvolution Crystal
Effect This precious item can help with Pokemon Evolution. Some Pokemon can't evolve without it.
Buying Price 1000 Selling Price -

These are pretty scarce in the game. Normally, you would have to run dungeons such as Waterfall Pond to get these. Seize the chance to buy them hassle free from a Kecleon Shop.



Many TMs in the game are available in these dungeon shops. Perhaps the TM you're looking for is never available in the Pokemon Square. The dungeon shops might be a different story.

Wands and Orbs

Wigglytuff Orb ImageWigglytuff Orb
Effect Using it gives you access to Wigglytuff's Camp Corner in a dungeon.
Buying Price 200 Selling Price 20

Wands and Orbs are available in some of the shops too. The good thing about these is that you can use them both in the current dungeon or the next dungeons to come.

Bandannas and Held Items

Prosper Ribbon ImageProsper Ribbon
Effect When equipped, it heals the wearer's bad statuses, like being poisoned or paralyzed, if the wearer picks up money. It also slightly restores the wearer's HP.
Buying Price 3000 Selling Price -

Many Held Items are available in the dungeon shops. In our experience, some Bandannas like the Prosper Ribbon were only found in in-dungeon shops.

Reviver Seeds

Tiny Reviver Seed ImageTiny Reviver Seed
Effect If this item is in your Toolbox, it will revive a fainted Pokemon. It turns into a Plain Seed once it revives a Pokemon.
Buying Price 200 Selling Price 20

These seeds are somewhat scarce because of their usefulness. We suggest buying them everytime you see them both in the in-dungeon shops and the one in the Pokemon Square.

the Safe Amount

Link Box.jpg

the Link Box, one of the most expensive items in dungeons

Considering all of the items above, we recommend bringing 5,000-10,000 Poke in dungeons. This will allow you to buy everything you want in the dungeons. Keep in mind that you will get Poke inside the dungeons and you can sell your items if ever the need arises. Sometimes, Kecleon Shops show up multiple times in one dungeon. This amount is also not of excess. If you do end up losing it, it would not really hinder you much.

If you are still in the main storyline, consider staying near the lower amount of 5,000. As you unlock more and more Rescue Camps, you will need fewer and fewer Poke, this allows you to risk more Poke as you progress in the game.

If all else fails...

You can try and steal the item that you really need such as an Evolution Crystal from the Kecleon Shop. Check out the article below to learn how to steal from the Kecleon Shop!

Steal from Kecleon.png

How to Steal from Kecleon

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