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How to Link Moves

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Gulpin Link Shop

This is a guide on how to link moves in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX on the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn about Gulpin's services and where and how to link moves!

Gulpin Link Shop


You can find Gulpin's Link shop in the South East corner of the Pokemon Square. Talk to him and he will explain all about Linking Moves. He will also tell you about the other service that he is offering, Move Memory.

How to Link Moves

Link Moves Pokemon Menu

After choosing Link to link moves, choose the Pokemon whose moves you want to link. Gulpin offers this for free!

Link Moves Menu

Choose which moves to link. The first move you pick will be the first one to be used, so choose with care. This is important because some moves are better used before another.

For example, if you are Linking Swords Dance and Double-Edge, you will want to make sure Swords Dance goes first so Double-Edge gets the damage buff.

Link Moves Complete

This screen will show up when you have linked moves succesfully. However, keep in mind that using Linked Moves will cost PP for all moves linked, as there is no way to cancel the following move after the main move has been used. Your Pokemon's hunger will also descrease more.

How to Use Linked Moves

How to Use Linked Moves

Hold ZL and select a move using Y, X, A or B. In this example the two Linked Moves are assigned to A.

The linked moves will also be used automatically by the Pokemon if you just press A to attack.

Quick Attack Double Kick

Cyndaquil using Quick Attack and Double Kick on a Rattata.

Linked Moves, PP and de-Linking

Linked Moves with no PP

Unlike the originals, Linked Moves do not automatically De-Link if one runs out of PP. When using Linked Moves, only the Moves with PP left will be used. To De-Link moves, return to Gulpin's Shop or use a Link Box.

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