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Western Cave Dungeon Strategy Guide and Encountered Pokemon

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This is a page about the Dungeon Western Cave in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for the Nintendo Switch. Read on for information about its boss, the number of floors and which Pokemon can be found here.

Basic Information

Basic Information
No. of Floors 99
Boss Mewtwo
Required? No

Western Cave Dungeon Guide

Related Story Missions

No Story Missions take place in this Dungeon.

Encountered Pokemon

Meditite ImageMeditite Beldum ImageBeldum Medicham ImageMedicham Chimecho ImageChimecho
Claydol ImageClaydol Lunatone ImageLunatone Hypno ImageHypno Drowzee ImageDrowzee
Kadabra ImageKadabra Abra ImageAbra Girafarig ImageGirafarig Wobbuffet ImageWobbuffet
Natu ImageNatu Jynx ImageJynx Mr. Mime ImageMr. Mime Kirlia ImageKirlia
Ralts ImageRalts Smeargle ImageSmeargle Wynaut ImageWynaut Spinda ImageSpinda
Grumpig ImageGrumpig Spoink ImageSpoink

Tips and Strategies

Best Items to Bring

You don't need to bring anything special for dungeon exploration aside from the usual recovery items, but we suggest you stock your toolbox up with items for the difficult boss battle with Mewtwo.

Best Items for Boss Battles

Best Pokemon to Use

Mawile ImageMawile Metagross ImageMetagross Absol ImageAbsol Sableye ImageSableye

Western Cave is filled with high-level Psychic-type Pokemon, so you should bring strong Dark- or Steel-type Pokemon that can easily take them down or take their Psychic-type attacks. We also recommend grinding your team up to at least level 60 before taking on this dungeon.

Vs. Mewtwo

Mewtwo ImageMewtwo

Mewtwo hits hard, but he usually only targets your team one at a time, so you should be fine as long you keep using recovery items.

However, the real battle begins once you get Mewtwo's HP low enough that it Mega-Evolves. With its higher Attack and Sp. Atk stats, don't be surprised if he takes out members of your team in one shot.

Fortunately, the battle's almost over once Mewtwo Mega-Evolves, so continue hitting Mewtwo with super-effective damage from afar. Eventually, you should be able to defeat it.

Pokemon to Watch Out For

Claydol ImageClaydol Natu ImageNatu Spinda ImageSpinda

Claydol and Natu are rather dangerous due to their use of room-affecting moves like Earth Power and Ominous Wind.

Spinda can also be tough to deal with due to the Confusion status it gives your team through Teeter Dance.

Items Found in Western Cave

Coming soon.

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