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This is a guide to Wonder Mail Codes for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX (Nintendo Switch). Here you can find a list of all known Codes and help for recieving Wonder Mail. We update regularly, so read on to get useful TMs, Ribbons and Items!

What is Wonder Mail?

Wonder Mail Rewards

Get Items and Special Jobs

Wonder Mail is a feature where you use a code to get useful Items for your adventures, such as Orbs or TMs, and Jobs where you can befriend special Pokemon you can't find anywhere else.

You can find codes in places like the official website, at stores, or through special promotions.

List of Wonder Mail Codes

Below you can find the currently known Wonder Codes. Most were released in Japan, but have been confirmed to work globally!

Pokemon SOS Challenge (March 2nd to 8th, 2020)

Pokemon SOS Challenge Poster at Shibuya Station
The Pokemon SOS Challenge was posted on the official Japanese website, but could also be found on posters around stations such as Shibuya station in Tokyo.

Question Code Items/Special Jobs
Q1 R13R6XY0
Electric TM

Dark TM

TMBrutal Swing
Friendly Set

・3x Rare Quality Orb
・3x Inviting Orb
・1x Wigglytuff Orb
Ground TM

Q5,Q9 P5R9411S
Fire TM

Q6,Q8 90P7CQP9
Ghost TM
TMShadow Ball
Q7 3TY1XW99
Bug TM

TMLeech Life
Q10 N0R7K93R
Grass TM

TMEnergy Ball
Q11 W95R91XT
Steel TM

TMSmart Strike
Q12 JR4113QS
Water TM

Ice TM

TMIce Beam
Q15 78SH6463
Fighting TM

TMFocus Blast
Last Question
Mareep's Special Request

Get Mareep by clearing the Special Job.

Wonder Mail Codes from Japanese Stores

These Wonder Mail Codes were displayed in shops around Japan, with a few online stores mixed in as well.

Source Code Items/Special Jobs
Rakuten Books (Special Campaign Page)
Released February 28th, 2020
Gift from Graveler

Geo Pebble Icon40x Geo Pebble
Gravelerock Icon40x Gravelerock
Golden Fossil Icon20x Golden Fossil
Amazon.com 92JMR48W
Smoochum's Special Request

Get Smoochum by clearing the Special Job.
Animate stores
From March 6th onwards
(Provided by commenter)
Move Strengthening Set

・2x Power Drink
・2x Accuracy Drink
・2x PP-Up Drink
Edion stores 25QQTSCR
(Provided by commenter)
Powerful Ribbon Set
・1x Power Band
・1x Defense Scarf
・1x Gold Ribbon
Joshin Denki stores 95R1W6SJ
(Provided by commenter)
Magical Ribbon Set

・1x Special Band
・1x Zinc Band
・1x Gold Ribbon
Tay Two stores 0R7910P7
(Provided by commenter)
Physical Boost Set

・2x Life Seed
・2x Carbos
Bic Camera Group stores H8PJTWF2
(Provided by commenter)
Lovely Seed Set

・3x Heal Seed
・2x Reviver Seed
Yamada Denki stores 3R62CR63
Useful Berry Set

・5x Rawst Berry
・5x Chesto Berry
・2x Tiny Reviver Seed
Uny stores 45QSPHF4
(Provided by commenter)
Cacnea Collection
・40x Cacnea Spike
・40x Cacnea Spike
・40x Cacnea Spike
Yodobashi Camera stores SFSJWK0H
(Provided by commenter)
Hard Times Set

・3x Helper Orb
・2x Revive All Orb
Yodabashi Camera Umeda store 3XNSQMQX
(Provided by commenter)
Safety Set

・3x Escape Orb
・3x Rollcall Orb
・1x Revive All Orb
Ito Yokado 1Y5K0K1S
(Provided by commenter)
Full Belly Set

・5x Apple
・3x Perfect Apple
7 Eleven H6W7K262
(Provided by commenter)
Special Gummi Sample

DX Gummi Icon2x DX Gummi
Pokemon Center Shibuya
Pokemon Center Tokyo Bay
(Provided by commenter)
Barrier Gift

・3x Foe-Hold Orb
・5x Foe-Seal Orb
Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo 7FW627CK
(Provided by commenter)
Predicament Gift

・5x Slumber Orb
・5x Totter Orb
Pokemon Center Osaka WJNTY478
(Provided by commenter)
Support Gift

・5x Evasion Orb
・5x Evasion Orb
Pokemon Center Osaka DX TY26446X
(Provided by commenter)
Relief Gift

・5x Cleanse Orb
・5x Health Orb
Pokemon Center Fukuoka
Pokemon Center Yokohama
(Provided by commenter)
Brawl Gift

・5x Slow Orb
・5x Quick Orb
Pokemon Center Sapporo 0MN2F0CN
(Provided by commenter)
Expedition Gift

・5x See-Trap Orb
・5x Trapburst Orb
Apita Piago SH8XMF1T (Provided by commenter)
Gift from Cacnea

・40x Cacnea Spike
・40x Cacnea Spike
・40x Cacnea Spike
Yodobashi Camera H5FY948M (Provided by commenter)
Tough Battling Set

・3x All Power-Up Orb
・3x All Dodge Orb

We are currently gathering all available codes. If you have any information, feel free to leave a comment below!

Other Available Wonder Mail Codes

Source Code Item/Special Jobs
Famitsu Game Review
Released February 28th, 2020
DX Gummi IconDX Gummi
Rainbow Gummi IconRainbow Gummi
Official Pokemon Twitter (Japanese)
Posted March 6th, 2020
Reviver Seed Set

5x Tiny Reviver Seed
2x Reviver Seed
1x Revive All Orb
Reward for 50,000 Retweets 3TWJMK2C
Gift from Corsola

・40x Corsola Twig
・40x Corsola Twig
・40x Corsola Twig
Red Pouch

3x Power Drink
3x Iron
Official Nintendo of America Twitter
Posted April 11th, 2020
Clefairy's Special Request

Get Clefairy by clearing the Special Job.
Official Nintendo of America Twitter
Posted April 12th, 2020
Togetic's Special Request

Get Togetic by clearing the Special Job.

How to Receive Wonder Mail

  1. Select Wonder Mail in the Title Menu
  2. Enter the Code
  3. Receive Items and Jobs

1. Select Wonder Mail in the Title Menu

Wonder Mail Menu
To receive Wonder Mail, first you need to go to the Title Menu and select Wonder Mail. It's the envelope icon with a Pelipper seal on it.

It may be possible to receive it at the Pelipper Post Office within the town, but this is currently unconfirmed!

2. Enter the Code

Wonder Mail Enter Code
Next you enter the code you got. The codes consist of a combination of 8 characters, either letters or numbers.

3. Receive Items and Special Jobs

Wonder Mail Smoochum
After you've entered the code, you can receive the items or jobs granted by it. If the code gave you a special job, you need to enter the game and clear the rescue mission.

Wonder Mail Does Not Work in the Demo

Wonder Mail Demo
Unfortunately, it's not possible to use Wonder Mail codes in the demo version of the game, so you need the full game to receive the rewards.

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