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How to Level Up Fast

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This page is a guide on how to level up fast in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn about the best ways to level up your team!

Level Up Fast with the Makuhita Dojo

Dojo Drills Are the Fastest Way to Level Up

Makuhita Dojo Level-up Selection.jpg

Dojo Drills are the best way to level up low-levelled Pokemon, as Pokemon are automatically revived when they're knocked out in the dojo, and you won't have to worry about losing any Items or money. However, you will need to spend a Dojo Ticket every time you want to use its services.

This is the fastest way to level up Pokemon in the game, so use your Dojo Tickets wisely!
Leveling Up at Makuhita Training Dojo

Dojo Drills Require Dojo Tickets

Makuhita Dojo Ticket Selection.jpg
In order to take part in Dojo Drills, you need Dojo Tickets! You can get Dojo Tickets as rewards from jobs.

Dojo Ticket Time Limit
Bronze Dojo Ticket 50 seconds
Silver Dojo Ticket 55 seconds
Gold Dojo Ticket 60 seconds

Use Joy Seeds and Joy Ribbons

Level Up Your Team with Joy Seeds

Joy Seeds Are Rare!

Item Effect
Eating it raises your level by 1, which makes you very happy!

Joy Seeds can level up your team fast since eating one raises a Pokemon's level by 1. That said, Joy Seeds are rare and can only be found in Dungeons late in the game.

Consider yourself lucky if you run into one in the middle of an adventure!

Level Up Your Team with Joy Ribbons

Best Used with Low-Levelled Pokemon

Item Effect
When equipped, the wearer can earn Exp. Points as turns go by, even if the Pokemon doesn't battle.

Pokemon that equip a Joy Ribbon passively earn experience every turn. This may not be the fastest way to level up your Pokemon, but since you only need a small amount of experience to level up low-levelled Pokemon, this works best with the weaker members of your team.

Take Advantage of Rare Qualities

Defeat Enemies Faster With Power-Boosting Rare Qualities

Rare qualities like Squad Up and Brawl boost the power of your moves under certain conditions, which should help you defeat enemy Pokemon and earn experience faster.

You could even use a Rare Quality like Lonely Courage, which boosts the power of Pokemon with no nearby teammates, to make Dojo Drills even more effective!

The Power of XP Boost

As with Dojo Drills, XP Boost boosts the experience rate. However, unlike Dojo Drills, XP Boost applies to your entire team!

Having this Rare Quality will surely make grinding in mystery dungeons a little bit easier.

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I got a joy seed in the middle of Solar cave

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To be real i am only levelling for mewtwos pshystrike


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