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This page is a guide on the Gulpin Link Shop in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for Nintendo Switch. If you want to learn how to link moves and how to remember old moves, please read on.

You Can Link Moves Here

What Does It Mean To Link Moves?

You Can Use Multiple Moves in the Same Turn

Linked Moves.jpg
Linked moves is a system that allows you to perform more than one move in one turn. This is a very useful technique as it not only ensures that you can attack more than once in a turn, but it also allows you to create combos that let you take advantage of the effects of Status moves.

Also, since you can link up to four moves, you can also perform up to four moves in one turn!

All About Linked Moves

Linked Moves Empties Belly More

The downside of using linked moves is that these cost more Belly than regular moves. If you rely too much on linked moves, you might run out of Belly before you can reach the end of the dungeon, so be careful!

Linking and Delinking Moves Cost Nothing

You can link and delink moves for free, so feel free to use this service as much as you want!

You Can Remember or Forget Moves Here as Well

Remembering Old Moves

On top of letting you link and delink moves for free, Gulpin Link Shop also lets you remember any old moves that you've forgotten for free!

In addition, the shop also lets you forget moves for free as well.

Learn Tutor Moves (in the Post-Game)

Learn egg moves (post-game).jpg
Once you've finished the main part of the game, a new option to remember tutor moves will appear at Gulpin Link Shop.

While these additional moves do increase your move pool, learning these moves will cost money, ranging from 7,000 to 10,000 Poke a pop, so you should start saving if you want these moves on your Pokemon.

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