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Best Items to Sell

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This article guides you on which items are good idea to sell on the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX on the Nintendo Switch. If you need Poke but have extra Scarves, Bandannas or TMs, click here to know which ones to sell.

The Obvious: Gold RIbbons and Deluxe Ribbons

No Use Besides Selling!

Deluxe Ribbon ImageDeluxe Ribbon
Effect This high-class ribbon can be sold for a very high price at a shop! The subtly deluxe aura it gives off appeals to the rich
Buying Price - Selling Price 7500
Gold Ribbon ImageGold Ribbon
Effect This golden ribbon can be sold for a high price at a shop!
Buying Price - Selling Price 2500

These two items have no use besides having a high sell price. Don't hesitate to sell both if you have them!

Efficient Bandanna and Other Held Items

Efficient Bandanna

Efficient Bandana.jpg

10 Efficient Bandannas just lying around the storage

Efficient Bandanna ImageEfficient Bandanna
Effect When this item is equipped, moves sometimes won't cost PP to use.
Buying Price 7000 Selling Price 700

Efficient Bandannas seem to be really common among all the dungeons. Don't get us wrong, they are pretty useful! In our case, we seem to be using them on every dungeon that has more than thirty (30) floors, we just bring the combat-centered Held Items with us to switch to once we arrive at the boss.

The thing with Efficient Bandannas other than its abundant supply is its high sell price of 700! That is an anomaly compared to the other Bandannas or Held Items. We recoommend keeping around five (5) and selling whatever exceeds that amount.

Munch Belt

Munch Belt ImageMunch Belt
Effect When equipped, it boosts the wearer's Attack and Sp. Atk, but it also makes their Belly empty more quickly.
Buying Price - Selling Price 600

You sometimes get a Munch Belt by helping Munchlax in the Pokemon Square when he appears. If you don't have a use for them, sell them.

Other Held Items

Heavy Rotation Specs ImageHeavy Rotation Specs
Effect When equipped, they boost the critical-hit rate when using the same move as the turn before.
Buying Price - Selling Price 250
Fickle Specs ImageFickle Specs
Effect When equipped, it boosts the critical-hit rate when using a different move than the turn before.
Buying Price 2500 Selling Price 250
Recovery Scarf ImageRecovery Scarf
Effect When equipped, the user recovers more quickly from bad statuses like being confused or paralyzed.
Buying Price - Selling Price 600
Goggle Specs ImageGoggle Specs
Effect When this item is equipped, traps that have been set on the floor become visible.
Buying Price - Selling Price 500
X-Ray Specs ImageX-Ray Specs
Effect When this item is equipped, the locations of items and Pokemon (but not traps) on the floor become visible.
Buying Price 8000 Selling Price 800
Twist Band ImageTwist Band
Effect When equipped, it prevents all the wearer's stats, such as Attack or Defense, from being lowered.
Buying Price - Selling Price 400

These Held Items are fairly common but not as common as Efficient Bandannas and not as expensive as them. If you have a high supply of them, consider selling them.

Technical Machines

Hidden Power TM Information

Hidden Power TM ImageHidden Power TM
Effect It teaches the move Hidden Power, a damage-dealing special move. You can check which Pokemon you can use it on by pressing + in your Toolbox or storage. Check the move's description with X. You can use this item in dungeons or in town.
Buying Price - Selling Price 440

If you don't plan on selling the TMs you sometimes get from dungeons, sell them instead. Dungeons like Unown Relic are sure to give you a TM by clearing it. In Unown Relic's case, its the Hidden Power TM that sells for a fair 440 Poke.

Link Boxes

Link Box ImageLink Box
Effect Use it to link or delink moves. Link or delink as many moves as you'd like at one time, but once you're finished, the box will disappear.
Buying Price 6500 Selling Price 650

We find Link Boxes useful as we only prefer using Linked Moves during boss fights. We like running dungeons with normal moves. If you prefer having pre-Linked moves before going to a dungeon, you should sell them instead for they have no other use.

Items that Accumulate

Some Aren't Efficient

It might be a good idea to sell items that accumulate such as Max Elixirs and Ethers but that would sometimes take too much time and raiding a dungeon to complete a job would be a smarter option.

Items that stack like Gravelerocks and Spikes can be sold quickly, but they don't really have that much value.

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