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This page is a guide on how type effectiveness works in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn about the type chart, the mechanics of type effectiveness, and STAB.

The Type Effectiveness Chart

Defending Pokemon
Move Type Super Effective Not Very Effective Ineffective
Normal - Rock Image Steel Image Ghost Image
Fighting Normal Image Rock Image Steel Image Ice Image Dark Image Flying Image Poison Image Psychic Image Fairy Image Bug Image Ghost Image
Poison Grass Image Fairy Image Ground Image Psychic Image Rock Image Ghost Image Steel Image
Ground Fire Image Electric Image Poison Image Rock Image Steel Image Bug Image Grass Image Flying Image
Rock Flying Image Bug Image Fire Image Ice Image Fighting Image Ground Image Steel Image -
Bug Grass Image Psychic Image Dark Image Fighting Image Flying Image Poison Image Ghost Image Steel Image Fire Image Fairy Image -
Ghost Ghost Image Psychic Image Dark Image Normal Image
Steel Rock Image Ice Image Fairy Image Steel Image Fire Image Water Image Electric Image -
Fire Bug Image Steel Image Grass Image Rock Image Fire Image Water Image Dragon Image -
Water Ground Image Rock Image Fire Image Water Image Grass Image Dragon Image -
Grass Ground Image Rock Image Water Image Flying Image Poison Image Bug Image Steel Image Fire Image Grass Image Dragon Image -
Electric Flying Image Water Image Grass Image Electric Image Dragon Image Ground Image
Psychic Fighting Image Poison Image Steel Image Psychic Image Dark Image
Ice Flying Image Ground Image Grass Image Dragon Image Steel Image Fire Image Water Image Ice Image -
Dragon Dragon Image Steel Image Fairy Image
Fairy Fighting Image Dragon Image Dark Image Fire Image Steel Image Poison Image -
Dark Ghost Image Psychic Image Fighting Image Dark Image Fairy Image -
Flying Fighting Image Bug Image Grass Image Rock Image Steel Image Electric Image -

What Is Type Effectiveness?

Type effectiveness is a system that determines how much damage is done by a move of a particular type on a Pokemon with a particular type. It operates like a complex game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, where the 18 types have Pokemon they're strong against and Pokemon they're weak against.

Knowing about these type match-ups and using this system effectively could be the key to your success in the different mystery dungeons, so please read on!

How Does Type Effectiveness Work?

Type Effectiveness comes into play whenever you or the enemy Pokemon uses an attacking move. The game considers the attacking move's type and the target's type combination to determine what kind of damage the move will do.

In most cases, the move will be normally effective and deal a normal amount of damage. However, based on the type match-up, the move can be super effective, not very effective, or ineffective.

Super Effective Moves

If Cyndaquil uses Ember, a Fire-type move, on a Bug-type Pokemon like Wurmple, the move will be super effective! This means that the move will deal 1.4x more damage than it normally would.

While it feels great to deal super effective damage, remember that enemy Pokemon can also deal this kind of damage, so be careful!

Not Very Effective Moves

If Sunkern uses Absorb, a Grass-type move, on a Fire-type Pokemon like Cyndaquil, the move will be not very effective. This means that the move will only deal 0.7x the damage it normally would.

Try not to catch yourself using not very effective moves!

Ineffective Moves

If Cubone uses Bone Club, a Ground-type move, on a Flying-type Pokemon like Pidgey, the move will be ineffective. This means that the move will only deal 0.5x damage, so try not to use ineffective moves if you can help it.

What Is STAB?

STAB is an acronym that stands for Same-Type Attack Bonus and is a powerful buff similar to super effective moves. This bonus applies when a Pokemon like Cyndaquil (a Fire-type) uses a move it shares a type with like Ember (a Fire-type move).

With STAB, the Pokemon will deal 1.5x damage on top of any modifiers that come with the type match-up! Try using STAB moves as much as possible!

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