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How to Use Felicity Bank

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This page is a guide on using Felicity Bank in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for Nintendo Switch. If you want to learn about Felicity Bank and when you should use it, please read on.

What Is Felicity Bank?

A Facility That Lets You Deposit Money

Felicity Bank.jpg

Felicity Bank is a useful facility in Pokemon Square that lets you deposit and withdraw Poke. By depositing your money before heading off to a dungeon, you won't lose any money even if your entire team faints during your adventure!

When Should You Use Felicity Bank?

Before Going to a New Mystery Dungeon

Deposit Felicity Bank.jpg
As you progress through the game, dungeons are going to become more and more difficult, so you should deposit all your money in advance. This way, you won't lose any money even if your team gets knocked out!

At the 'Go to Dungeon' Screen

Manage Money from Go to Dungeon screen.jpg
In case you forget to pass by Felicity Bank at Pokemon Square, the game gives you one more chance to deposit or withdraw money at the 'Go to Dungeon' screen.

To do this, select your team, go to 'Items & Money', and then go to 'Manage Money'.

Kecleon Shops

Kecleon Shops are the only reason why you should bring Poke to dungeons. 7,000 Poke should be enough for every dungeon if you are expecting to buy something from Kecleon Shops as you will still accumulate Poke while going through the dungeon.

If you forget to bring Poke to a dungeon and want to buy a rare item from the Kecleon Shop such as an Evolution Crystal, click the link below to learn how to steal items from Kecleon Shops.

How to Steal from Kecleon

Other than that, there is no use of risking your money to run through dungeons. Make sure to always use the Felicity Bank to keep your money safe.

Use a Bank Orb to Deposit at Any Time

Bank Orb ImageBank Orb
Effect Using it gives you access to Felicity Bank in a dungeon.
Buying Price - Selling Price 20

If you bring a Bank Orb with you to a mystery dungeon, you'll be able to withdraw and deposit money in the middle of an adventure! This will allow you to take out money to use at a Kecleon Shop in a Dungeon, or to withdraw money when you're worried about wiping out and losing a huge chunk of cash. Just remember that Bank Orbs are rare items, so you should only use one when you really need to.

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2 Anonymousover 4 years

yeah as I just deposit and withdraw hahahha i always make sure to stock on LOTS of resources especially reviver seeds

1 Anonymousover 4 years

Make sure to use the bank every day like deposit or withdraw something. You get 'interest' thru items. i do it because i get reviver seeds somtimes. i need lots of those


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