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Northwind Field Dungeon Strategy Guide and Encountered Pokemon

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This is a page about the Dungeon Northwind Field in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for the Nintendo Switch. Read on for information about its boss, the number of floors and which Pokemon can be found here.

Basic Information

Basic Information
No. of Floors 30
Boss Suicune
Required? No

Northwind Field Dungeon Guide

Related Story Missions

No Story Missions take place in this Dungeon.

Encountered Pokemon

Poliwag ImagePoliwag Poliwrath ImagePoliwrath Poliwhirl ImagePoliwhirl Wartortle ImageWartortle
Golduck ImageGolduck Politoed ImagePolitoed Azumarill ImageAzumarill Crobat ImageCrobat
Croconaw ImageCroconaw Jynx ImageJynx Delcatty ImageDelcatty Shiftry ImageShiftry
Delibird ImageDelibird Crawdaunt ImageCrawdaunt Volbeat ImageVolbeat

Tips and Strategies

Best Items to Bring

Oran Berry ImageOran Berry Petrify Wand ImagePetrify Wand Slumber Wand ImageSlumber Wand Petrify Orb ImagePetrify Orb

The Oran Berries are for recovery and the Suicune fight. The Petrify Wand and Slumber Wand are also for the Suicune fight as they are generally very useful against all bosses.

As many Pokemon use long-ranged attacks here, Petrify Orbs can be a useful escape tactic when things are getting hard especially in a very packed room.

This is in addition to the always needed Apples, Oran Berries and Tiny Reviver Seeds

Best Pokemon to Use

Pikachu ImagePikachu Ampharos ImageAmpharos Magneton ImageMagneton

Many Flying Pokemon

Water types are prevalent in Northwind Field. You will have an easier time if you have access to Electrics moves.

Vs. Boss

Suicune ImageSuicune

Suicune's offensive ability is not as high as its co-Legendary Beasts. However, he can still deal lots of damage to an individual targets. The fight is pretty similar to Latios' fight. If you can outheal his damage output, then you wil eventually win as your other Pokemon are dishing out damage to it.

Pokemon to Watch Out For

Poliwrath ImagePoliwrath Wartortle ImageWartortle Golduck ImageGolduck Azumarill ImageAzumarill
Delibird ImageDelibird

Long-ranged Moves

Many Pokemon can damage you at long range in Northwind Field. They can easily accumulate damage on one Pokemon in groups so be careful.

Delibird and Present

Delibird can heal and warp Pokemon away from you using Present. Take out Delibird first if you do not want Pokemon to be healed and warped away from you. You can ignore this if you have found the staircase already and you think that moving on to the next room is a better strategy.

Items Found in Northwind Field

Coming soon.

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