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How to Mega Evolve

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This is a guide page on how to Mega Evolve in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX on the Nintendo Switch. For more information, read on.

Check here for normal Evolution

How to Mega Evolve in Rescue Team DX

Use Empowerment Seeds

Empowerment Seed

Item Effect
Eating it causees the Pokemon to become Awakened, making them very strong!

To Mega Evolve in Rescue Team DX, a Pokemon that can Mega Evolve needs to eat an Empowerment Seed.

However, the effect of Empowerment Seeds only lasts on the floor your use it on, so if you move to the next floor or escape from the dungeon, the Pokemon you used it on will return to its normal state.

Mega Evolution is mostly after Story has been cleared

Mega Evolution Charizard.jpg
Empowerment Seeds are mainly available after you clear the story, so you most likely won't be able to Mega Evolve until you clear the main story of the game.

However, since you can sometimes get them as Job rewards, it is possible to Mega Evolve before then.

Since you can't evolve your Pokemon, you will have to befriend Pokemon who can Mega Evolve already, like Glalie or Pinsir.

Only some Pokemon can Mega Evolve

Since only some Pokemon can Mega Evolve, using an Empowerment Seed on Pokemon that can't Mega Evolve will only grant the Awakened status.

Since the Seeds disappear after being used, we recommend saving them for Pokemon that can Mega Evolve.

Awakened State

The Awakened State was introduced in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. Pokemon in an Awakened State have their linked moves always perform a critical hit. They will also bypass any type disadvantages. In Rescue Team DX, the Awakened State allows Pokemon to Mega Evolve.

Mega Evolution Limits

Mega Evolution.png

There seems to be no limit on how many Pokemon you can Mega Evolve in a dungeon instance. Stay tuned for more info!

Pokemon That Can Mega Evolve

Mega Evolution

Venusaur ImageVenusaur Charizard ImageCharizard Blastoise ImageBlastoise Beedrill ImageBeedrill
Pidgeot ImagePidgeot Alakazam ImageAlakazam Slowbro ImageSlowbro Gengar ImageGengar
Kangaskhan ImageKangaskhan Pinsir ImagePinsir Gyarados ImageGyarados Aerodactyl ImageAerodactyl
Mewtwo ImageMewtwo Ampharos ImageAmpharos Steelix ImageSteelix Scizor ImageScizor
Heracross ImageHeracross Houndoom ImageHoundoom Tyranitar ImageTyranitar Sceptile ImageSceptile
Blaziken ImageBlaziken Swampert ImageSwampert Gardevoir ImageGardevoir Sableye ImageSableye
Mawile ImageMawile Aggron ImageAggron Medicham ImageMedicham Manectric ImageManectric
Sharpedo ImageSharpedo Camerupt ImageCamerupt Altaria ImageAltaria Banette ImageBanette
Absol ImageAbsol Glalie ImageGlalie Salamence ImageSalamence Metagross ImageMetagross
Latias ImageLatias Latios ImageLatios Rayquaza  ImageRayquaza Lucario ImageLucario
Gallade ImageGallade

Primal Forms

Groudon ImageGroudon Kyogre ImageKyogre

Starter and Partner

Mudkip ImageMudkip Treecko ImageTreecko Charmander ImageCharmander Bulbasaur ImageBulbasaur
Torchic ImageTorchic Squirtle ImageSquirtle

If you want to have a Starter or Partner Pokemon that can Mega Evolve, choose one from the list above. However, you can also befriend all of these Pokemon after clearing the story.

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