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Darknight Relic Dungeon Strategy Guide and Encountered Pokemon

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This is a page about the Dungeon Darknight Relic in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for the Nintendo Switch. Read on for information about its boss, the number of floors and which Pokemon can be found here.

Basic Information

Darknight Relic.jpg

Basic Information
No. of Floors 15
Boss -
Required? No

Darknight Relic Dungeon Guide

Related Story Missions

No Story Missions take place in this Dungeon.

Encountered Pokemon

Gengar ImageGengar Duskull ImageDuskull Shuppet ImageShuppet Shedinja ImageShedinja
Haunter ImageHaunter Gastly ImageGastly Misdreavus ImageMisdreavus Banette ImageBanette
Sableye ImageSableye

Tips and Strategies

Best Items to Bring

Silver Spike ImageSilver Spike Gravelerock ImageGravelerock Geo Pebble ImageGeo Pebble Heal Seed ImageHeal Seed

This is in addition to the always needed Apples, Oran Berries and Tiny Reviver Seeds

Pokemon to Watch Out For

Shedinja ImageShedinja Misdreavus ImageMisdreavus

Shedinja Mechanics

Shedinja can be attacked by enemy Pokemon. When they defeat a Shedinja, their abilities will be enhanced. You should avoid this from happening by taking out Shedinja as soon as possible. Remember that Shedinja can only be damaged through Super Effective moves or Thrown Items.

Misdreavus' Perish Song

Can knock your whole team out in 3 turns using Perish Song. This is a room wide ability so take Misdreavus out as soon as possible.

Items Found in Darknight Relic

Deluxe Box IconDeluxe Box Brutal Swing TM IconBrutal Swing TM Dark Pulse TM IconDark Pulse TM
Shadow Ball TM IconShadow Ball TM Sludge Bomb TM IconSludge Bomb TM Snarl TM IconSnarl TM

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