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Leveling Up at Makuhita Dojo

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This is a guide on how to train in the Makuhita Dojo in the game, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for Nintendo Switch. If you would like to know how to use the Makuhita Dojo, as well as its changes in the remake, please read on.

What is the Makuhita Dojo?

Efficient Pokemon Leveling and Growth

Makuhita Dojo Selection.jpg
The Makuhita Dojo returns! Like before, it is still a facility where you can train your Pokemon. Compared to training in dungeons, the Makuhita Dojo is more efficient as it has features that makes gaining levels easier.

Learn the Mechanics of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

Makuhita Dojo Drills and Tricks of the Trade.jpg
The Makuhita Dojo features a beginners course that is ideal for players who have not played previous Mystery Dungeon games. This course teaches all the basic mechanics and elements of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX.

Dojo Drills

Lots of EXP

Makuhita Dojo Level-up Selection.jpg
Dojo Drills can be used to train efficiently. In this training mode, you will be tasked to defeat as many Pokemon as possible within a time limit. Dojo Drills provides efficient experience rates, as you get more experience from defeating Pokemon with super effective moves.

Remember to Use Auto Movement

Makuhita Dojo Pikachu Auto Movement.jpg
When doing Dojo Drills, it's highly recommended to use the new Auto Movement Feature to increase efficiency. On top of this, we recommend changing your settings to Fast walking speed and Movement through Corridors in Auto Mode to Dash.

When you use Auto movement, you will automatically roam around the dungeon to find enemy Pokemon, providing an effort-free way of gaining experience.

When movement stops, you simply press the 'A' button and this will defeat the enemy Pokemon. However, since pressing A will select a move based on range, you want to make sure that you're in range to use the super effective move for the Maze.

For example, Pikachu might use Fake Out instead of Electro Ball if the enemy is more than a tile away, but using the super effective Electro Ball will grant more experience.

Dojo Drills Requires a Dojo Ticket

Dojo Tickets.jpg

You will need Dojo Ticket in order to go through Dojo Drills dungeons. They are obtained by Rescuing Pokemon. There are three (3) types of Dojo Tickets.

Ticket Type Time Limit
Bronze Dojo Ticket 50 Seconds
Silver Dojo Ticket 55 Seconds
Gold Dojo Ticket 60 Seconds

Type-Friendly Training Mazes!

Makuhita Dojo Type Friendly.jpg
The type of dungeon in Dojo Drills is determined by the type of the Pokemon selected to train there.

For Example: If you are training a Pikachu, then the Electric Maze will be available. If you are training with a Machop, then the Fighting Maze will be available. A Pokemon such a Bulbasaur with multiple types will be able to go to either the Maze of their choice – in Bulbasaur's case, the Grass Maze or the Poison Maze.

This means that only Pokemon that are weak to yours will appear.

Makuhita Dojo Type Friendly 2.jpg
If you choose the Electric Maze, then Water Types will appear. If you choose the Fighting Maze, then Normal Types will appear and so on.

Tips and Tricks through Tricks of the Trade!

Proper Application of Basic Mechanics

Tricks of the Trade.jpg
Through Tricks of the Trade, you can learn tips and tricks that will help you clear dungeons more effectively and more efficiently. These are usually basic mechanics that when applied properly, provide a significant boost in your ability to clear dungeons.

For Example: You will be taught how to use Diagonal Movement in order to avoid enemies, traps and decrease the number of turns you need to go from one point to another.

Tricks of the Trade Congratulatory.jpg

A congratulatory message after completing a Tricks of the Trade course.

Be Rewarded with Useful Items

Oran Berry.jpg
After completing courses from Tricks of the Trade, you will be awarded items that are useful for your adventures such as Max Ether. These rewards on top of the lessons on how to understand mechanics properly makes Tricks of the Trade a superior choice of early-game content for both new and returning players.

Training Content and Rewards

Tricks of the Trade
Use moves! 4 Apples
Dash through the dungeon! 3 Reviver Seeds
Push a Pokemon! 5 Escape Orbs
Pass by a friend! 1 Gold Ribbon
Change directions without moving! 4 Max Elixir
Use Items! 3 Bronze Dojo Tickets
Moving diagonally! 10 Slumber Wands

Items Useful for Dungeons

Slumber Wand.jpg
Each time you complete the Tricks of the Trade, you are rewarded items such as Apples and Seeds from the original Mystery Dungeon Games. You can also get new items such as the 'Slumber Wand' from completing the Tricks of the Trade.

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