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This page is a guide on the best partners for each starter Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for Nintendo Switch. If you want to know how to pick the best partner Pokemon for your starter, please read on.

What Makes The Best Partner?

The most important thing to consider when picking a partner is how well it can cover your starter's weaknesses and limitations. A good partner should be able to protect your starter from Pokemon that are super effective against them while also covering Pokemon that your starter isn't great against.

With these two principles in mind, we've assembled a list of the best partners you can have for each starter in our list below. That said, if you're curious about which partners are generally good to have, you can check out our article on the overall Best Partner Pokemon.

Best Partner Pokemon to Choose

Best Partner For Each Pokemon

The Fire-type Starters

Starter Charmander Image Charmander Cyndaquil Image Cyndaquil Torchic Image Torchic
Best Partner Skitty Image Skitty

Since the Fire-type starters share the same weaknesses, Skitty is the best partner for them. With access to Charge Beam and Grass Knot from the beginning, Skitty starts out already covering your starter's weaknesses.

On top of that, Skitty also has access to a wide range of moves like Ice Beam that cover Pokemon types that the Fire-type starters can't hit as hard against.

The Water-type Starters

Starter Squirtle Image Squirtle Totodile Image Totodile Mudkip Image Mudkip Psyduck Image Psyduck
Best Partner Cubone Cubone

With its power to draw Electric-type moves away from other Pokemon, Cubone is easily the best partner for the Water-type starters.

It also has access to a lot of Fire-type moves via TM, so Cubone can take care of pesky Grass-types as well.

The Grass-type Starters

Starter Bulbasaur Image Bulbasaur Chikorita Image Chikorita Treecko Image Treecko
Best Partner Totodile Image Totodile

Grass-types may have a lot of weaknesses, but Totodile can cover most of them with its wide moveset.

With access to Water-, Ice-, Fighting-, and Rock-type moves, Totodile can deal with Fire-, Flying-, Ice-, and Bug-type Pokemon handily.

The Normal-type Starters

Starter Eevee Image Eevee Meowth Image Meowth Skitty Image Skitty
Best Partner Psyduck Image Psyduck

While the Normal-type starters have a pretty wide coverage thanks to their movepools, they still need protection from Fighting-types, which Psyduck can provide.

As a Water-type Pokemon, Psyduck can also cover Rock-type Pokemon, which resist Normal-type moves.


Starter Pikachu Image Pikachu
Best Partner Totodile Image Totodile

As an Electric-type, Pikachu only needs to worry about Ground-types, which are immune to Electric-type moves, and Grass- and Dragon-types, which resist Electric-type moves. This is where Totodile comes in.

Since Totodile has access to Water and Ice-type moves, it can easily cover for Pikachu.


Starter Cubone Image Cubone
Best Partner Skitty Image Skitty

Since Cubone shares a lot of the same weaknesses as Fire-types, Skitty also serves as its best partner.

With such a wide movepool, Skitty can easily cover Grass-, Ice-, and Water-type Pokemon.


Starter Machop Image Machop
Best Partner Pikachu Image Pikachu

As a Fighting-type, Machop needs protection from Fairy-, Flying-, and Psychic-types. In that case, Pikachu can best serve as Machop's partner.

On top of covering Flying-type Pokemon with its Electric-type moves, Pikachu can also cover Psychic- and Fairy- type Pokemon with Thief and Iron Tail.

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