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Best Rare Qualities

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Rare Qualities are a new game mechanic introduced in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon on the Nintendo Switch. They are similar to Pokemon Abilities, but they affect your whole party. This article discusses the best Rare Qualities in the game.

Best Rare Qualities

Recommended for Clearing the Dungeons

Riled Up.jpg

Rare Quality Reason
Strike Back Great for dealing damage to both foes and bosses.
Evasive Rhythm Great for avoiding damage for all your Pokemon
Steamroll This eliminates type immunity and makes resisted moves more powerful.
Small Stomach Eliminates the need for Apples, you can replace them with more useful Oran Berries.
Notorious Fasting Eliminates the need for food altogether. Using this strategy would not let you recover naturally though.
Thrown Item Boost Good if you have weaker Pokemon in your party. They can deal huge damage even without stats. This lets you save PP as well.
Riled Up Makes it easier to deal damage
Defensive Rhythm Decreases damage from enemies.
Rapid Bull's-Eyes This makes the already powerful multi-hit moves like Double Slap even more powerful.

Recommended for Grinding

Scyther Rare Quality.jpg

Rare Quality Reason
XP Boost Great for leveling.
Food Finder Great way to collect food, especially if you lose all your items by fainting in a dungeon.
Friendly Great way to recruit Pokemon.
Squeeze Out Great for conserving Elixirs and Ethers as you will recover some PP if a move currently has 0.
PP Pouch Another great way to restore PP as it heals more than Squeeze Out whenever you defeat an enemy.
Squad Up It stacks with Friendly, so its good for trying to recruit Pokemon or making money off recruits.
Moving Up Great for boosting the XP of your favorite moves.

What are Rare Qualities?

Special Passive Abilities that Pokemon Have

Rare Qualities are passive skills that are quite similar to the Abilities Pokemon usually have. However, they affect the whole party instead of just the Pokemon that has it. For example, if your Pikachu has the XP Boost Rare Quality which boosts Experience Points gained from defeating enemy Pokemon, then the whole party will get the boost as well.

How to Get Rare Qualities

You can get random Rare Qualities by consuming Rainbow Gummi and DX Gummi.

Even if your Pokemon has a Rare Quality, they can get new ones by consuming Gummis. However, they can only learn one at a time similar to Pokemon moves.

When you get a Rare Quality from a Gummi, you will need to replace your old one if to get the new one. You can always refuse to replace it if you like the old one better.

Do Rare Qualities Stack?

Rare Qualities do not stack, so you'll want to bring Pokemon with a variety of Rare Qualities.

For example, having two Pokemon with XP Boost won't increase the XP gain more than just having one Pokemon with it.

However, Friendly and Squad Up are two different Rare Qualities and does stack, so you can make some good combinations as long as you make sure there is no overlap.

List of Rare Qualities

To learn more about the other Rare Qualities in the game, see our full list below.

List of Rare Qualities

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small stomach also makes plain seed useful as food so the scraps can be used

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Leave half is the best rare quality


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