Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Switch

List of Characters

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This is a list of Characters for the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to find out how to meet each Character and what role they play in the story!

List of Characters


As one of the 16 starter Pokemon, you're the hero of the story!

Your Partner

This Pokemon is your ever-faithful companion, and the one that convinces you to form a rescue team. They are one of the 15 starter Pokemon that you didn't choose.

Team Meanies

A nasty rescue team who go on missions for money and power. They are your rescue team's rivals.

Team A.C.T.

A gold-ranked rescue team that everyone looks up to. This team is made up of Alakazam, Charizard, and Tyranitar.


A wise old Pokemon that knows a lot about various myths and legends. You can meet him at the waterfall, north of Pokemon Square.


A strange Pokemon that appears to you and your partner at Frosty Forest.


A mysterious Pokemon that knows something about you, the player.

Other Useful Characters

Pokemon Square Tour.jpg

The game is filled with other useful characters, like the denizens of Pokemon Square, that help you with various tasks throughout the game.

Kecleon Shop Felicity Bank Gulpin Link Shop

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