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Starter Tier List

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This page has the starter tier list for Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for Nintendo Switch. If you want to access general information as well as our recommendations on the starters, please read on.

Starters Tier List

This Tier List takes into consideration the fact that all but one (1) boss possess the Flying type. It also heavily takes into consideration the starting move pool of the Pokemon.

S Tier

Pokemon Explanation
Pikachu ・Highest starting stats
・ Starting Sp. Atk is 24 which is very high.
・STAB Thunderbolt with high Sp. Atk is very powerful.
・ All but one (1) boss is Flying so Electric Pokemon perform very well.
Skitty ・Cute Charm is an excellent ability.
・Attract is an excellent move against bosses.
・STAB Double Slap is very powerful
・ Charge Beam and Grass Knot provides good coverage from the start of the game.
・Can learn Ice Beam, Blizzard, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Solar Beam which are excellent moves even without Special Band.
Meowth ・STAB Normal moves are good especially Fury Swipes which is just amazing in the main story line.
・Pay Day and Pickup can be useful.
・ Can steal items using Thief


  • Skitty's Attract and Cute Charm is weaker here than the originals, but still good moves for bosses.

A Tier

Pokemon Explanation
Cyndaquil ・Smoke Screen is an excellent move against bosses.
・Pure Fire typing is advantageous for main storyline.
Totodile ・Water monotype is a good type for the main story line.
・Ice Fang plus Water moves are great for the whole main storyline.
・Ice Fang is great against the bosses and especially Rayquaza.
Psyduck ・Cloud Nine can be a useful ability.
・ Possess great coverage due to Water and Psychic moves.
・ Can learn Ice Beam, a very good move.
・ Fury Swipes is an amazing move.
Charmander ・Smoke Screen is an excellent move against bosses.
・Heat Wave is one of the best moves in the game.
・Pure Fire typing is advantageous for main story line.
Torchic ・Overall a solid starter but outclassed by Charmander and Cyndaquil because of Smoke Screen.
・Pure Fire typing is advantageous for the main story line.
Cubone ・STAB Bonemarang is a solid move except for the Flying bosses.
・Immune to Zapdos' Electric Moves
・ Cubone can learn Blizzard, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Rock Slide, Earthquake—amazing moves.
Eevee ・STAB Adaptability Normal moves are very powerful.
・ Refresh is an amazing utility ability
・Not much type coverage
・Evolves into Sylveon, one of the few fairy types in the game.


  • These Pokemon won't really have problems if their Partner Pokemon covers their weaknesses.

B Tier

Pokemon Explanation
Mudkip ・STAB Ground moves useless against the Flying bosses
・Outclassed by Totodile
・Nothing special but good typing.
Treecko ・Dragon Breath is a solid move with no weaknesses.
・Dragon Breath is good for Rayquaza.
・ Is a Grass Type so is weak against the Flying type bosses.
Squirtle ・Weak move coverage
・Outclassed by Totodile


  • They aren't really discouraged to play as, but they are outclassed by other Pokemon.

C Tier

Pokemon Explanation
Chikorita ・Ancient Power is a great move especially against the Flying bosses.
・Razor Leaf has a great four (4) tile range.
・Is a Grass type so it might have troubles against Flying bosses.
Bulbasaur ・A weakness to Flying types will hinder you throughout the main storylne.
・Outclassed by other Grass types
Machop ・Fighting type will hinder you throughout the main storyline.
・Most moves are Physical


  • It is discouraged to play as these Pokemon as they have a harder time against the in-game bosses.
  • The main storyline goes through Mt. Blaze, Mt. Freeze, Frosty Forest, Magma Cavern and Sky Tower. The Pokemon here are mostly Fire, Ice, Ice, Fire and Flying respectively. Not to mention you will be dealing with bosses like Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Groudon Rayquaza. It is simply not easy for Grass pokemon.

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