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Best Partner Pokemon to Choose

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This is a discussion page on who the best partner Pokemon is for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for the Nintendo Switch! If you want the first few dungeons to be easy, read on.

Best Partner Pokemon

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Best Partner Pokemon: Skitty

Skitty's amazing type coverage, STAB moves, and utility makes her the safest and best choice for your partner. You can never go wrong with Skitty.

Pokemon Type
Skitty ImageSkitty
Type 1: NormalNormal

Type 2:
  • Cute Charm is one of the best abilities in game.
  • STAB Double Slap and other Normal moves work amazing in game. (What is STAB?)
  • Decent Sp. Atk stat to take advantage of good coverage Sp. moves
  • Provides great type coverage right off the bat with Charge Beam, Grass Knot, STAB Echoed Voice and STAB Fake Out
  • Learns the nerfed but still great move, Attract.
  • Compatible with powerful TMs such as, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Solar Beam, Shadow Ball, Thunder and Thunderbolt. This provides amazing coverage for Skitty the entire game.

Good Partner Pokemon: Meowth

Meowth's move coverage is only second to Skitty, but Meowth's STAB Normal moves and arguably better utility makes Meowth deserve a special mention.

Pokemon Type
Meowth ImageMeowth
Type 1: NormalNormal

Type 2:
  • Pickup and Pay Day are useful tools througout the early game. They make sure that you are never broke.
  • STAB Normal moves are very powerful for the main storyline.
  • Compatible with some powerful TMs such as Aerial Ace, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw, Thunder and Thunderbolt.

How to Cover Weaknesses

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Protagonist Selection

This discussion page based its arguments on how much overall utility the Pokemon provided. If you want to prioritize your Pokemon choices on how to cover weaknesses, check this article.
Best Partner for Each Starter

Although generally speaking, these two Pokemon can cover your weaknesses very well. They have good coverage from the start and they are compatible with many of the powerful TMs in the Game.

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