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How to Raise Your Rank and Rewards

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This page is a guide on Rescue Team Ranks in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for Nintendo Switch. Read on to find out what Rescue Team Ranks are, how to raise your rank, and what benefits and bonuses you get for each rank.

What Is a Rescue Team Rank?

A Measure of Your Team's Performance

Normal Rank Reward.jpg
In Rescue Team DX, your Rescue Team Rank is a measure of how good your team is. Higher ranks come with a bunch of benefits alongside some bonus items, so try to raise your rank as much as possible!

Certain Ranks Are Required For Some Parts of the Story

At some points in the game, you need to achieve certain Rescue Team Ranks in order to progress through the story. It doesn't take a lot to raise your rank in the early game, but it's going to get tougher for higher ranks, so get ready!

How Do You Raise Your Rescue Team Rank?

Complete Jobs

Pelipper Post Office Board.jpg
In order to raise your rank, you need to earn enough Rescue Points from completing jobs. You can take jobs at the Bulletin Board at the Pelipper Post Office, or through mail sent to your mailbox.

List of Rescue Team Ranks and Rewards

Once you unlock a Statue, the Pokemon displayed will start appearing in Dungeons.

Rescue Team Rank Rescue Points Benefits Bonus Items
Rookie 0 Camp Size: 5
Job Limit: 8
No. of Teams: 2
Tool Box Size: 32
Normal 400 Camp Size: 8
Job Limit: 16
No. of Teams: 3
Tool Box Size: 32
10x Max Elixir
5x Accuracy Drink
5x Silver Dojo Ticket
Bronze 1100 Camp Size: 11
Job Limit: 24
No. of Teams: 4
Tool Box Size: 40
Bonsly Statue
10x Max Elixir
5x PP-Up Drink
5x Gold Dojo Ticket
Silver 2200 Camp Size: 14
Job Limit: 32
No. of Teams: 5
Tool Box Size: 48
15x Max Elixir
5x Power Drink
5x Revive All Orb
Gold 5200 Camp Size: 20
Job Limit: 40
No. of Teams: 6
Tool Box Size: 48
Mime Jr. Statue
5x Rainbow Gummi
10x Accuracy Drink
1x X-Ray Specs
Platinum 11200 Camp Size: 23
Job Limit: 48
No. of Teams: 7
Tool Box Size: 48
10x Rainbow Gummi
10x PP-Up Drink
12x Sitrus Berry
Diamond 19200 Camp Size: 26
Job Limit: 56
No. of Teams: 7
Tool Box Size: 48
DX 3x Gummi
13x Power Drink
10x Revive All Orb
Ace 27800 Camp Size: 29
Job Limit: 64
No. of Teams: 8
Tool Box Size: 48
3x DX Gummi
12x Protein
10x Iron
Ultra 37800 Camp Size: 32
Job Limit: 64
No. of Teams: 8
Tool Box Size: 48
Lucario Statue
5x DX Gummi
12x Calcium
10x Zinc
Hyper 49800 Camp Size: 35
Job Limit: 64
No. of Teams: 9
Tool Box Size: 48
5x DX Gummi
12x Carbos
10x Life Seed
Master 59800 Camp Size: 38
Job Limit: 64
No. of Teams: 9
Tool Box Size: 48
8x DX Gummi
10x Joy Seed
20x Rainbow Gummi
Grand Master 99800 Camp Size: 38
Job Limit: 64
No. of Teams: 10
Tool Box Size: 56
10x DX Gummi
15x Joy Seed
20x Rainbow Gummi
30x Protein
30x Calcium
30x Life Seed
30x Power Drink
30x Accuracy Drink
30x PP-Up Drink

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